How to Achieve Anything and Own Your Dream Fitness Business

People are always asking me about the secrets that make my coaching clients so hugely successful at such a fast pace.

And I will admit, from the outside it looks pretty crazy when a trainer that no one has ever head of before is all of a sudden making multiple six figures and opening up their second, third and even fourth boot camp or training center.

When fitness pros join my business coaching programs they’re usually doing just alright…but not great.

Then after a few private meetings or mastermind sessions behind closed doors it’s like they emerge completely transformed with a new mindset, a solid business plan and enough drive and determination to put their competition out of business.

B Teaching MMThey go in mediocre and return with the ability to build six figure businesses at the snap of their fingers.

Make no mistake about it though – they work hard. But they work hard on a proven plan and system that consistently delivers results.

“Outsiders” usually think there’s some kind of cheat, or some single secret that transforms these trainers and their businesses overnight.

And I guess in a certain sense that’s true…

But it doesn’t have anything to do with the business secrets and advice I offer.

Yeah, my coaching clients definitely benefit from the profit maximizing systems and client getting funnels I share with them—they’re all able to operate better businesses because of that—but their amazing transformations have more to do with a simple mindset shift.

See, I get my clients to think about their work, their businesses, their projects with one particular perspective, and that’s really the ‘special pill’ or the ‘super drug’ that transforms them overnight.

I call this secret The Straight Line to Success.

And it’s pretty much explained right in the name.

See, most people don’t realize that success isn’t all that complicated. They don’t have enough confidence in themselves or enough consistency of mind and character to say: “This is what I want; I’m going to get it no matter what.”

I teach my clients to think like this. I have them choose a success goal, find out what it takes to get there, and then… get there.

It’s that simple. If you want it, go get. There’s literally nothing stopping you.

I QuitYes, obviously there are things in your way, there are obstacles, but they aren’t stopping you as much as they’re just slowing you down.

And that’s okay; unforeseen circumstances are always going to be there. But the key to all this, and where this theory gets its name, is to stay on the track to success you’ve already set for yourself.

We are so very prone to getting off track. It’s just what we do— we’re creatures of distraction.

One day our idea is awesome, the next it utterly sucks. One day we know exactly what to do and how, the next we feel completely lost and discouraged.

So we get off the straight line toward success. We quit or change our minds or try something new and then we’re off the path.

And it isn’t just distraction that throws us off. Even worse and more debilitating is what’s known as the Idea Fairy.

When everything is going great and according to plan, but suddenly you want to add new feature or you take something away or you overhaul the entire product– It’s that kind of thinking that robs you of success.

Because what happens when a six month project turns into a yearlong project because you’ve changed your mind 10 times? That’s when you start to let these thoughts in: “this will never get finished,” or, “Why even bother? I can’t do this.”

Discouragement worms it’s way into your confidence, erodes your determination, and what started as wonderful opportunity ends before it’s first test run.

But not with my clients.

Why? Because they’ve got ME calling them up every month saying “how far are you? What have you finished? Why are you wasting your time with this idea or that side project? We already decided what your product is going to be now GET IT DONE. You can worry about that other stuff after making money from what you’re doing now.”

So I have this video for you all about this idea. It’s my second most popular video. (I already showed you my most popular. Remember Get Shit Done? lol)

In my video I talk all about this idea and how important the straight line to success really is for your mindset and your business.

See, it’s little tips like these that make the biggest difference. But the problem is that it’s next to impossible to figure this stuff out on your own. At least not without failing 10 times before realizing what your problem is.

But that’s what makes a coach or a mentor so powerful. They take all the success that would usually take years to stumble through on your own and condense it into months.

We make sure you don’t fall into this trap or get stuck on that obstacle because we’ve been there, done that, and learned from our own coaches how to avoid that stuff.

I personally believe that everyone comes to a point in their careers when they’ve done pretty much all they can on their own. Everyone, at some point, needs a coach. Otherwise, you’ll peak far before your full potential is reached.

If you’re interested in the coaching I have to offer then I’ve got a couple options for you:

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who needs the advice, guidance and encouragement to get into the 7-Figure mark and beyond, then the 7-Figure Formula Mastermind is what you’re looking for.

Now, if you’re more interested in an online businesses and you have knowledge, expertise or know-how that you think people would pay for, then the 100K Info Group is perfect for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a completed product or you’re still in the idea phases, we can give you everything you need to launch a 6-Figure information product in 30-60 Days.

There is one thing I should add though…

These groups aren’t for just anyone. These are elite memberships offered only to those who are deadly serious about doing whatever it takes to create, own and operate the best fitness businesses on the planet.

Is that you?

Take a look at the case studies and success stories (below when you click the link) of fitness pros just like you who have gone from below average or just average fitness businesses to ones that generate multiple six and even seven figures.

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