How to Be A Thought Leader in the Fitness Industry

Becoming profitable as a personal trainer and opening up my own studios was not an easy ride.

While I was trying to get my business off the ground, I had to work at Disneyland as a cook, and a bouncer at a night club just to make ends meet.

When I went full time as a personal trainer at LA Fitness, I met my client and mentor, Jim Franco, and he taught me a lot about marketing and sales.

Eventually I worked up the courage to ask him for a loan, and I was able to start up my own personal training business.

I Was Coaching For Free

Once I actually knew what I was doing and how to close clients on my programs, I was able to expand into 5 gyms.

I had this money in hand. And because the Internet was starting to pick up again, I remember thinking, “Well, I could open more gyms or I can start helping the industry.”

And the reason I even thought of helping the industry, dude, is when I had my five personal training studios, personal trainers would call me from all over the country.

And they would say, “Hey, man. I heard you have five personal training studios. I’m trying to open up one. Can you give me some tips?”

And I go, “Dude…are you located in San Diego?” If their answer was “No,” and they weren’t located in San Diego meaning they weren’t competitive with me, I would help them.

I would follow up with them, and go, “Hey. These are the lead boxes I’m putting in now. And by the way, don’t put your lead boxes in health food stores. It doesn’t work. Instead, put them in places like taco restaurants, burger joints, pizza parlors, because that’s where people feel guilty about eating all that shit.”

Everything I would learn, I would teach these five or six guys who were from different parts of the country. And then they would follow up with me, and they go, “Oh, my gosh. It worked. I made the money. I’m opening up my gym. I’m signing up new clients.”

And I did all this for free because, what the hell? Why not? I enjoyed it.

How I Started Coaching

So I sold my gyms in 2002, and I already had a fiancee, who’s now my wife, and we were going to get married in 2003. I started to think I could kick it up a notch and take my services to the next level. I said, “Maybe I want to coach and consult personal trainers.”

And so I just went all-in. I parlayed that money. And I didn’t even know how to build a list.

Here’s the funny part, man.

In late 2002, I had my wife go online and start doing all these searches. I’d say, “Hey, I want you to Google ‘personal trainer Los Angeles’, ‘personal trainer Seattle’, ‘personal trainer Vancouver’. Just “personal trainer” all of our big cities, find their website, and scrape their email address and put it on the spreadsheet.”


And I didn’t know what an opt-in was. I didn’t know there was a platform. At the time I think I was using Constant Contact to send out mass emails.

So I got 1,400 email addresses scraped off of a website. And I started emailing them individually and saying, “Hey, look. I’m creating this digital course called the PT Business Course. I’m the guy that started five personal training gyms and sold them for multiple six figures. This might be a good program for you if you’re struggling to open up your personal training studio.”

And sure as shit, people were paying me $99 and buying it off my website.

And so that kind of parlayed into sales tools. And so I created Close Clients and then System 9 marketing tools and then, of course, Facebook stuff came in.

And before you know it, they’re asking if I do coaching. I go, “I guess. Yeah, I’ve done coaching before for free. You want to pay me?”

So I charged $5,000 for a year of coaching.

Yeah, I didn’t even know how to price myself. But I just enjoyed the experience so much that they just started to compound on top of itself.

I Still Wanted a Bigger Audience

In 2007, I decided, “You know what? I want to get in front of a big audience of personal trainers and really teach them the business of fitness.” Because I’m tired of still hearing from trainers who have side jobs.

And so I literally put on my own live event called Fitness Business Summit. Only got 118 people to come to it for $120 a seat.

We’re now in our 11th year of putting on this summit, and the next one is in March 2018. And we have over a thousand people come. We have some of the best presenters from the fitness industry and from the marketing industry come and share their best strategies.

Fitness pros like Frank Hearn, Dan Kennedy, John Paul, Lewis Howes…I mean, you name the person, and they’ve spoken at Fitness Business Summit.

And that’s what I use to fill up my coaching and consulting business. That’s the event that I use to move people into Fit Body Boot Camp, our international franchise. And, man, I’m just blessed and lucky that I get to serve the industry that I love so much.

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Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian