How to Rewire Your Entrepreneurial Mindset in 3 Steps

Remember these 3 words…

Mindset. Is. Everything.

It’s what helped my parents escape a communist country and make the dangerous trip to the United States. It’s what kept me going when I was a struggling personal trainer, drinking tuna and diet coke protein shakes and sleeping out of my car. And it’s what allows me to grow my businesses today regardless of the state of the economy, or the competitors in my industry, or the rapidly-changing market I’m in.

Today I’m going to give you 3 strategies to rewire your entrepreneurial mindset for success. Know these well and you’ll kick ass as an entrepreneur.


Ditch the Poverty Mindset

Start developing a mindset where you’re no longer operating in the state of being poor. I know people who have businesses that generate multiple seven figures, yet they still operate like they’re poor. They’re operating out of a place of fear, scarcity, doubt, and uncertainty.

That’s not conducive to success or you’re well-being, at that.

So how do you fix that? You start operating out of a place of generosity and abundance. It’s the old fake it ’til you make it.

Tony Robbins talks about this all the time. You don’t feel like smiling because you’re depressed? Well, just start smiling and fake laugh, and over time you’ll change your state, and those fake smiles and fake laughs become real smiles and real laughs.


Embrace the “Suck Factor”

Number two, as an entrepreneur you’re always going to deal with adversity. When you have adversity in front of you, look at it as an advantage instead of a setback.

Think of it like this. Every challenge, obstacle, or problem that you get is an advantage. We go to the gym, we work out with weights, and the more we work out, the bigger and stronger our muscles get, so we keep lifting more weights. We develop our body by putting our muscles through adversity, by putting our cardiovascular system through adversity.

Your mental, emotional, and entrepreneurial muscles develop through adversity as well, so welcome the suck factor when things go wrong.  When an employee quits on you out of nowhere? Embrace the chance to hire someone even better.

Know that it’s not the time to react, but it’s the time to respond. When you overcome something in business, you become a better, stronger, more capable entrepreneur.


Invest in Yourself

Finally, as fitness professionals, we ought to consider taking a dose of our own medicine and focus more on self development—as they say, practice what you preach.

For some reason, many fitness professionals in our industry are hypocrites. Trainers like to tell others what to do without following their own advice. They find it easy to say, “You should sleep early, you should wake up at the same time every day, you should pack your meals, you should get in consistent workouts, don’t surround yourself with negative people,” yet they do everything the opposite themselves.

There’s always room to become a better leader. When you invest in yourself and follow your own advice, your clients and team members will respect you, trust you, and respond to you, and your business will thrive as a result.


If you can do those three things, you can overcome all challenges and obstacles and have careers and passions that aren’t driven by stress and overwhelm.


Committed to your success,