How to Avoid Burnout and Rule the Personal Training Industry

Why do so many trainers get burnt out and quit?

It’s because they first get into it for the love of helping people, just like I did.

You see, I’m a personal trainer, man. I’ve lost the weight. But more importantly, I’ve always loved the idea of helping other people lose weight, get in shape, and increase their confidence.

So what did I do? I went and got certified; I got the education.

I learned about nutrition and working out, and of course, I took the leap of faith to own my own business. Like most personal trainers, I became a small business owner.


Here’s the Problem I Faced…

The reality I encountered was that I couldn’t grow a business solely through my passion or desire to help people.

A business is grown through marketing and scale and structure and closing and selling and retaining clients and getting referrals.

I had to learn that the hard way when I realized that I was not only the personal trainer out there. It was something I just couldn’t understand.

Whenever I would look at potential clients, I would think to myself, “Man, you need my help. You’re 40 pounds overweight.”

They would tell me they’re on blood pressure medication, or they have heart disease. Even if I had a solution for them, If I can’t communicate that solution to them, I’d still lose a prospective client.

That. Is. Frustrating.


The Domination Mindset

Eighty percent of people who open up a fitness business of any kind—whether that’s a boot camp or a personal training studio—shut down within 18 months and retreat to the 9-5 work life. What separates them from the other 20% who succeed and grow?

It’s a simple mindset shift.

Embracing business alone is not enough. Saying, ” I want to be a good marketer,” “I want to be a good salesperson,” “I want to be a good communicator of my product or service,” that’s not enough.

You need to have a domination mindset.

You need to think, “As an entrepreneur, I am going to face adversity, and when I do, I’m not going to lay down and cry. I’m going to get up and plow through it and succeed.”


A Familiar Example…

We go into the gym five, six days a week, and we train hard. We do our interval training. We dead lift, squat, bench, and do our kettlebell swings.

Now we also discipline ourselves to follow a healthy diet.

The point is, we tax our bodies so that we can grow our muscles, grow our strength, grow our power, and grow our speed.

As fitness entrepreneurs, you’ll face resistance against your entrepreneurial muscles, but that’s when you’ll have the chance to grow.

Like when a landlord raises your rent and you didn’t see it coming.

Or when your business partner steals money under the table.

Those aren’t failures. You don’t have to go and die. All those things are resistance against your entrepreneurial muscles to help you grow bigger and stronger.

When I talk to trainers, they’re okay getting sore and dealing with the challenges of working out. But as soon as I go, “Hey, you’re going to have to be okay with getting sore as an entrepreneur,” I often get the same reply: “Ah, I’m not sure if I want to do that.”

Many trainers get into the business for the passion and the purpose of helping others, but they quickly realize that, “Gee, unless I understand the business side of my business, I’m going to quickly fail.”

Those who fail never embrace business, but those who succeed realize the value of marketing, selling, scaling, and discipline as an entrepreneur.

Once you embrace those things, you’ll actually make more money, help more people, and enjoy a better life for yourself.


Committed to your success,