How the Biggest Fitness Entrepreneurs Build Their Brands

How do you turn your business (or yourself) into a brand?

Listen, I don’t want you to focus on building a brand unless you are funded by a venture capitalist or you’ve taken on an equity stakeholder and they’ve brought in a lot of money.

You cannot build a brand if you are starting on a bootstrap budget. That’s how I started.



Keep Your Promises


Before you can make yourself or your business a thing, you have to first focus on direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing is accountable marketing. I know that it feeds the ego to see yourself as a brand and a public figure. But listen, if you were to just start putting your logo or your brand all over the place, how are you going to be able to track where the money’s coming from?

You won’t be able to track that. If you can’t track it, you can’t quantify it.

The best branding you can do for your business is to make a promise and keep it.


Solve a Problem

When I created Fit Body Boot Camp International, my goal was to reduce the cost of personal training. I wanted people who couldn’t afford personal training to work with a personal trainer at a reduced rate.

We went from one-on-one personal training to a boot camp style. There is one coach that trains a group of clients. That reduces the cost that each individual person pays.

That was my solution.

Whatever brand or business or idea that you have right now, I don’t want you to think about branding. I want you to think about solving a problem.

When you do, everything else will fix itself because you’ll sell one, and then two, and then three.


My challenge to you is this: while being a brand feeds the ego, profit feeds the family. If we know that to be true, then, once again, your job is to focus on direct response marketing.


Sell Like Crazy

For every dollar you spend, are you getting a dollar back? $1.50 back? Or $2 back? Use direct response marketing.

Sell like your life depends on it. The more you sell and deliver results, the bigger your brand is going to get. I promise you that.

Whether you’re trying to build a personal brand or a business, it’s starts with one sale at a time and delivering good on the promise.

Let me go on a little rant… 

If you have a couple thousand followers or a couple hundred followers, listen man, you’re probably not a public figure. Don’t call yourself one on Instagram or Facebook.

A public figure is someone who is actually out there, they’ve written the books, they’ve run big seminars, they’ve changed and impacted lives. That’s a public figure, right?

Right now, you just need to put your head down and grind. I always say that in the beginning, you hustle. And then you get to a point where hustle turns into scale and strategy.

Only then can you build a brand for yourself.


Committed to your success,