How to Build Up Your Social Bank Account To Grow Your Fitness Business

We all want our bank accounts to be filled with money, right?

But what a lot of people don’t realize is, you should be filling up your social bank account too.

Believe it or not, your social bank account is actually what’s going to fill your real bank account even more.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s a social bank account? And can I buy a yacht with it?”

When done correctly, you’re damn right you can buy a yacht.


A social bank account is when you go out with a giving hand. You spread your generosity by doing things for people and expecting nothing in return.

You want to give away so much of your knowledge and services that people feel like they owe you, and want to return all the goodwill you’ve done for them.

Let’s say you’ve consistently gone above and beyond to get your client the results they’ve always wanted.

You’ve given them a meal plan, a grocery list, sent motivational emails every week, whatever the case is.

Even without you asking, that client is going to go to their friends, family, and coworkers and refer you to them. They’re going to rave about how amazing your program is, which means more clients through your door and more money in your real bank account.

That’s the kind of loyalty you want to develop with people. You want to give them so much value and quality in your program that they don’t see the sense in going to anyone else for personal training.

Give Without Expectation

Social bank account is basically following the rule of reciprocity.

When you’re generous with people, they will feel like they “owe” you something in return.

But if you’re going out and doing all this goodwill just so that people can owe you, that’s really counterproductive and it’s going to work against you.

The best way for you to build up your social bank account is by going out with a giving hand, being generous, being of service, and expecting nothing in return.

As a byproduct of your generosity when you give without expectations, that’s when you get the most back.

Dude, I’ve seen people who’ve gotten Fit Body Boot Camp tattoos!

That right there is proof that when your business exceeds expectations so much, people begin to identify with your fitness business on a personal level.  

One of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners, Bryce Henson, is one of those guys who ends any conversation with “What else can I do for you? What introduction can I make for you?”

Any kind of introduction or opportunity he can make for you, he’ll do it.

And it’s not because he’s expecting anything back from his clients or whoever. It’s because he’s generous from the heart, and at the same time he knows that when he gives without expectation, he gets more back.

Why You Should Give a Damn About Giving

I’ll be honest, the turning point for me when I learned giving is the secret to more success was when I realized I was putting people off.

As humans, we come from a place of desperation. We’re pretty selfish.

And when you’re broke, you’re even more desperate. We want people to buy our personal training programs and products so that we can make money to pay our bills and provide for our families.

So we end up pushing our wants and needs onto other people in the form of “What can that guy do for me?”

The problem is, when you’re thinking about what people can do for you, they’re thinking “Well, what’s in it for me?”

Because we’re selfish!

So what happens is what I like to call diarrhea of the mouth. You start going on and on about all the features and benefits of your programs, and you end up overwhelming your prospect. You talked them right out of the sale.

I was guilty of this in my personal training days. I would start talking so much, trying to give people as much information as possible thinking it would help me close the sale. But really, I was just putting people off.

Once I realized I was putting people off, I changed my approach. At the end of every dialogue I have with someone, I ask “What can I do for you?”

I recently recorded a podcast with someone, and when I asked him what else I could do for him, he asked me if I could connect him with a guy who he’s been trying to bring onto his show for months.

I gladly introduced them via email, took about two minutes of my time, and now I’m guessing he’s gonna have that guy on his show.

How does this help me in the long run?


My book, “Man Up”, comes out July 2018. I’m positive I can reach out to him and say “Hey man, what do I need to do to get on your podcast and talk about my book.”

Now I know I can go to him and ask for something in return because I over delivered and exceeded his expectations.

I’m no doctor, but I do listen to a lot of audio books. And one thing I learned is that the human brain consists of 3 parts: the reptilian brain, the mid brain, and the neocortex which is our new brain.

Our new brain helps with logic, but the reptilian brain is our bullshit detector. The antennas are always up, scoping out the people who are genuinely coming to you with a giving hand, and those who are coming to you with a catch.

If people’s reptilian brains are looking for the bullshit, you may as well come forward with generosity way before asking anyone for anything.

My rule of thumb is, I’ll give you so much value and generosity now so that if I need something from you down the line, I can rely on you.

And even if I don’t need anything from you, you’re just gonna think of me when you come across someone who needs my services. Because of that built up reciprocity.

They’re gonna think “I have to connect this guy with Bedros” simply because I’ve never asked them for anything back after all the goodwill I’ve done for them.

And that’s how you want to build up your social bank account.

Committed to your success,