How to Convert Your Personal Training Prospects into Clients After a Free Session

Today, I’m gonna talk to you about getting clients on board with your program after a free session.

Let’s say they saw your promotion on Facebook, or they heard about you from a friend so they wanted to come in for a free session to test the waters.

This is your time to shine, man.

You already peaked their interest, now it’s up to you to reel them in and convert them from being a prospect to a paying client.

This is where you show your prospect just how passionate you are about your program, and how firmly you believe it’s gonna get them the results they’ve been looking for.

Remember, people are sold by dramatic demonstration of proof. If they see just how amazing they feel after your workout, and if you show them the praise from other clients, they’ll be hooked.

So you’re probably thinking “How exactly do I turn them into paying clients?”

You do this through three steps: Learn about their underlying obstacles, show them how great your program is, and then close the sale with the right questions.

Break Through Their Obstacles


The moment your client walks through your gym door, put on a show. Greet them warmly, ask how they’re doing, even go a little further and offer them a bottle of water and a towel.

Now, this isn’t to say you should fake generosity. Be sincere in your efforts to make them feel welcome and supported.

That small gesture subconsciously sparks a reciprocity relationship. Meaning, because you did them a favor by giving them water and a towel, they’ll feel more inclined to return the favor by signing up for your program.

Then, you take about 10-20 minutes to talk to them about any medical issues they may have and what their goals are.

This is your opportunity to find their why.

Why are they really there?

Why do they want to lose weight?

Why do they want to improve their health?

Find out their deeper, underlying reasons for why they are seeking your help. No one wakes up one day and decides they want to get in shape for the hell of it.

They’re getting in shape because they’re tired of being sick and tired. They’re tired of being fat. They’re tired of feeling sluggish.

They want to feel good about themselves and gain their confidence back.

Be a professional listener and pay attention to their needs, so that you know exactly how you’re gonna help them achieve their goals.

Show Them How Great Your Program Is

Remember when I mentioned demonstration of proof? I see this as being one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of selling.

People don’t wanna just rely on words, they want to see proof that your program delivers on its promises and will give them results.

And if you truly believe in the power of your program, then your client is gonna feel that passion right along with you.

Throughout the workout, you gotta encourage them. Motivate them to push a little harder for that extra rep. Make them feel like you’ve got their back, and you care just as much about their goals as they do.

You gotta give them the best fucking workout they’ve ever had!

They better be so pumped and motivated by the end, they don’t see any other option but to join your program.

You can even show them some testimonials like before and after pictures from your clients so they can see for themselves how your program impacts lives.

Close the Sale

Alright, so you’ve finished the workout and your client is feeling pretty darn good.

You take them to your office and sit them down so you can sign them up.

You’re gonna say “So Mrs. Jones, did you enjoy the workout? How do you feel now vs when you first came in?”

Start with open ended questions that aren’t going to result in “yes” or “no” answers.

A lot of personal trainers get so caught up in “sell” mode that they start word vomiting all over their client with all the benefits and features of their program.

What ends up happening is the client feels overwhelmed with information, and they end up walking out the door.

That’s one less person you could have helped, and less money in your wallet.

What you want to do is let your client talk themselves into the sale, so that you don’t accidentally talk them out of it.

Once you understand how they feel from that first session, then you can go into your sales pitch.

Often times, this is where some objections come in for why they can’t sign up right then and there.

They have to check their finances. They have to talk to their spouse. They want to see what other options they have first.



You know your program is the best. You know you’re gonna deliver more value and support than your competitors.

You’re gonna say “Look Mrs. Jones, my program is going to get you the results you want. There may be other options out there, but there’s only one of me. And I’m going to do everything in my power to help you reach your goals and get in the best shape of your life. Now, let’s sign the paperwork so you can get started.”

Counter their objections, and they’ll see they really have no reason not to sign up with you.

These objections are a defense mechanism, because commitment is scary, especially when money is involved.

People want to feel good about the decisions they make; they want to feel like they made the right decision that’s going to be what’s best for them.

It’s your job, as the seller, to deliver what you promise. Lay everything out for them on the table and be completely transparent.

They’ll trust you more, and they’ll feel more confident in their decision to sign up with you because they know exactly what they’ll be getting.

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