How to Shut Up the Haters as an Entrepreneur

The greatest superpower to have isn’t flying or walking through walls. So what is it?

It’s being immune to hate. Every great entrepreneur has it.

When you receive hate, you have to completely ignore it, and I’ll tell you why.

Are you in the business of helping others?

Are you passionate about helping others?

Then the most selfish thing someone can do is to listen to their inner voice and do nothing because someone told them that they have no business being in business. It would be selfish to not take action and help others.

So right now, it’s like well, this is what somebody said to me, and the recording keeps playing in a loop over and over again in my head.

Don’t serve yourself, serve others, right? Who cares what people say to you?

I have plenty of haters out there that have blogged lies about me. You guys know who they are and what they’re saying. And if you know me well enough, then you know that they spread absolute lies.

And so one of the greatest revenges in life is success. And the way you’re going to get that success and that revenge is by helping others.

So the most selfish thing someone can all do is to focus on themselves and the pains that were caused to them, or their bad association with money, or the thing that somebody said that scarred them.

That’s a selfish act. Let it go. Look past it. Help others.

That doesn’t mean that from time to time you won’t sit there and dwell on it. You will. I have, I periodically do. But as soon as you do, you pattern interrupt and say, “You know what, stop dwelling right now,” and in that very moment, get online and say something to your Facebook friends, email a friend, text a friend and puff them up.

The minute you’re about to go off the cliff, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of others.

You know the guy who started Alcoholics Anonymous? The first time he tried to get off alcohol, he wasn’t able to do it. He kept getting back on alcohol. So what did he do instead?

He said, “Just fuck it, I can’t get off it, but I’m just going to try and help others.”

Thirteen months went by and he hadn’t taken a single drink. The more he focused on helping others, the more he bettered himself.

So just focus on others even when the loop plays. And we all have a loop that plays; you’re not alone.

Help others immediately. Pay attention to changing lives, not Internet trolls. And of course, be careful who you share your dreams with (and that’s a topic for another day).

I promise you’ll feel better because of it.


Committed to your success,