How to Dominate in the Fitness Industry

A year would go by, and I had brought nothing to fruition. When I went to singularity of focus, I was able to really drill down and bring my idea into fruition.

For me, it’s simple. The people that I value and the people that I want to maintain relationships with, I make an attempt to either see them or reach out to them. Ironically, just yesterday, I was texting with Andy Frisella, and I was like, “Hey, Andy. Haven’t seen you post on Instagram for a while. What gives?” And we got to talking about that. And then he was telling me about the hernia he’s going through and I told him about the pec tear that I have right now that I thought I had to get attached surgically. But it turns out I don’t. I just found out this morning. So, we just started talking.

But instead of just going, wow, I haven’t heard from Andy. I wonder he’s doing, I reach out. And then, I’m good friends with Lewis Howes and Ed Mylett and Tom Bilyeu and all these guys, but they’re all busy. I’m busy.
So every six months, I organize a dinner. And so, in a week and a half, a whole bunch of us are going out to Mastro’s Steakhouse here in Southern California. Me, Ed Mylett, his wife, my wife, Lewis and a whole bunch of other dudes and their spouses. But I create the opportunities for the people that I value.

If I’m going to come and visit Scottsdale, I’m going to reach out to you and some of my friends out there and go, “Hey, man. I’m coming out to Scottsdale. I’m going to work out anyway. Do you want to go catch a workout together? I’m going to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with me?”

So I’m actively participating in building my relationships versus passively waiting for you or any of my friends to reach out to me.
I’ll tell you this. I don’t know if there’s one thing, but I know for a fact there’s two things. And so I’m going to tell you those two things. And it doesn’t matter if it’s fitness, supplements, apparel, finance, real estate. These two things are universal and they’re a fact. They’re a prescription, not a suggestion.

One, success leaves clues. And so, go find a mentor, just like I have. And pay for that mentor to coach you, guide you, and help you time collapse your results. That’s number one.
Number two is singularity of focus. I was a young man before. I still see myself as a young man, even though I’m 44, I’m fucking strong as a horse and I’ll fuck anybody up. Having said all that, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

But, going back to this point, the way I see it is, I was a young guy and I had so many great ideas. And so I had so many irons in the fire, there was no singularity of focus. And so I was here, I was there, and ultimately, a year would go by and I had brought nothing to fruition. When I went to singularity of focus, I was able to really drill down and bring my idea into fruition. Turn a business into an empire.
Mentoring and singularity of focus and anybody will dominate in any industry.