How to Pitch Someone Else’s List and Earn New Fitness Clients

You only have one chance at making a good first impression with someone. When you could earn thousands of dollars by nailing that first impression, you better be ready to impress, deliver, and close.

Let’s say you do a great job of networking and land the chance to pitch someone else’s email list — 12,000 people, to be exact. How do you persuade those people to try out your product/service? And how do you turn those leads into fitness clients that are on EFT?

Today I’m guiding you through pitching someone else’s mailing list. Follow these steps and increase your client base within a few months.


Do the Math First

Now, let’s say the list you’re pitching to has 12,000 people on it, and that your starting goal is to make $5000 a month.How do you come up wth that kind of money?¬†First, you have to set a tangible goal for yourself. That requires a little reverse engineering.

Do the math. If you want to make $5000 a month, how many people do you need to see per week? Per day?

If you agree to a 70/30 split with the person who’s blasting you out to their list, then you’d need somewhere around $7500 a month, right? That means you need to make about $250 a day to keep up with that goal.

How many personal training sessions a day does that come out to? Figure that out first so that you’re clear on your vision. You’ll have a better idea of how to price and package your product/service to get to that $7500 mark.

So how do you package your product/service?


Position Yourself as an Authority

Now it’s time to offer that mailing list something that will excite them enough to try you out.

Use your offer to give value to these prospects and position yourself as an authority. To do that, offer something that covers a lot of different topics.

Let’s say you’re a nutritionist. On that list are probably several hundred people who are going to come to a seminar. 15-20 are going to come to learn about macronutrients. 15-20 are going to come to learn about insulin sensitivity — whatever your key things are, right?

So, you can’t just have one topic. And you’re going to fill up these little mini seminars of 15-20 people, they’re each going to pay $100. It’s completely refundable when they arrive, right? You’re going to educate them over the next three to five hours, and you can do a lot of authority positioning like I talked about earlier.

You’re also going to use social proof and testimonials to show these prospects that your programs really work. Just like when I’m up on stage, I talk about so and so who has achieved all of these amazing things. You’re going to position yourself as an authority by doing the same.

Even better, that makes the whole service that you’re about to offer at the end believable.


Make an Irresistible Offer

Now, it’s time to close the deal. How do you do that?

At the end of your seminar, you’re going to say, “All right guys, just want to let you know, the $100 you paid is completely refundable. However, if you want to get on board with my nutrition coaching program, which is X amount of dollars per month, I’m going to make your first month half off, and I’m going to apply the $100 that you’ve already paid towards that.”

So you’re making them an irresistible offer. The $100 you keep, because you’re applying it towards the first month at half off, or a third off, whatever you want to discount it. Again, your offer has to be irresistible.

As long as you do your job well and deliver the outcome that you promise, they’re going to stay on board for a reoccurring amount, on EFT. So, you just want to exchange time for dollars. Your goal should be to suck out X number of people from that list to get you the $5000 you need after paying him his 30% commission.


Committed to your success,