How to Build a Business Empire That Grows by Itself

Success fuels the ego.

Say someone starts their own fitness business and sees success right off the bat.

All of the sudden their ego says. “I like the idea of being a multi-location gym owner.” So, they go and sign another lease with another landlord…

Is this wise? And how do you duplicate your business model over and over and over again?

Your business needs systems.


The Dangers of Expanding Too Quickly

Let’s say that, as our trainer friend starts to build out that second location, they realize something…

The reason their first location was successful was because of them.

Worse, their business has no systems in place. At all.

And now that they’re in location number two, the bottom is falling out of location one. That causes massive anxiety, stress, and overwhelm in their lives.

If they haven’t maximized the number of clients you have at their one gym, but they still decide, “Okay, I’m doing boot camp. I’m also going to launch a one-on-one personal training business inside of my existing business,” then guess what? Those are the distractions and the lack of structure that cause anxiety.

You quickly realize the “what ifs”.

“What if this fails?”

“What if I get laughed at?”

“What if I don’t make money?”

And you start to anticipate future pain, and that leads to tremors and panic attacks.


Why Your Business Needs Systems

In the brick and mortar world, you’ll have delinquent payments. Your coaches will run your workouts for you. Your front desk staff will meet, greet, and handle your clients.

Systems will make all these things much easier on you.

If your workouts are unique, you can start your own franchise, but I’m warning you now: make sure you create the systems first.

Systems save you time, effort, and money. You run the systems, the systems run your business.

If a gym owner doesn’t have systems, then they’re running their business by the seat of their pants. And what does that lead to?

A chaotic environment. Leaving a lot of money on the table. Staff having an adversarial relationship with ownership. Unsatisfied clients looking to leave.

Lay a strong foundation, then build your empire on top of that.


When to Go the Franchising Route…

If, on the other hand, you don’t know how to create systems, processes, and operations, I highly recommend to research a strong franchise that already has these built-in systems and plug yourself into them.

But before you make the jump to owning your own franchise, just make sure that your location’s success isn’t because of you. If it’s personality dependent, you can’t replicate that.

So the easiest thing to do is create a proof of concept.

When we started Fit Body Boot Camp, we said, “Alright. One location is working. Now we are going to open up five locations.” So we had five locations throughout the Orange County area that we ran for a year.

They were profitable, they were successful, and we were talked about.

We decided, “Alright. We have a proof of concept that’s not personality dependent—it’s systems reliant. Now we can go out and sell the keys to other franchises.”

I typically bring in 10 or 15 franchisees at a time. I work with them, make them successful, and then help them scale their businesses. You’ll reach a point once you’re north of 150-200 locations where you can just open and keep the onboarding process going.

That’s what happens when your business model is easy to duplicate. Sound great?


Committed to your success,