How To Focus in Your 5% And Maximize Your Fitness Business

I needed to step out of the trivial stuff and only work on the critical few. I asked myself, “What are the 5% of the things that I have to do?”

I found out that it’s to delegate, motivate, and sell. That’s it. My 5% is to delegate, motivate, and sell.

In fact, one time my wife asked me, “Hey, the sprinklers sprung a leak. Can you come out and fix it?” I’m a pretty handy guy, so I went downstairs to fix the sprinkler.

The problem was at the same time, someone had called to buy a $5,000 coaching from me, and I had my assistant do the selling.

I thought just because she had seen me close multiple deals that she could do it herself.

Newsflash, that’s not the case.

She was operating outside of her 5%, while I was operating outside of my 5%, changing a sprinkler head.

So, she lost the $5,000 deal, yet I was doing a $20 an hour job because I was too lazy, too cheap, too whatever to call a repairman to come and do it.

It was a costly lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

Work in Your 5%

Today, the rule over the last decade that I say is, “Hey, honey, it’s not in my 5%.”

I say that to my team members, I say that to my family, I say that to my business partners. I only delegate, motivate, and sell, and that’s it.

Everything else gets outsourced.

Thing number one is you guys have to become masters of delegation and figure out what your 5% is.


For me, it was real simple. I did the old Benjamin Franklin. Got a piece of paper, drew a line right down the center, and I wrote 95% on one side, 5% on the other.

I said, “All right. That’s the 100% of the things that have to get done. Toilets have to get cleaned. Is that a 5% or a 95%? Payroll checks, P&L reports, ads have to get run. I could hire professional ad runners. I don’t have to run my own ads. I can hire sales people and train them.”

That’s how I scale myself.

First and foremost, everybody in here should do the old Benjamin Franklin and figure out what’s in your 5% – your zone of genius that only you can do that moves the needle in your business.

What are the things that you’re doing that are in the 95%? The trivial few that don’t need to get done by you, yet you’re doing it because you’re either cheap or dumb.

Outsource The Trivial Work

I was dumb because I didn’t realize I had made enough money where we could hire a housekeeper full-time, and so I’m asking my wife, “Where’s my suits? Did you take it to the dry cleaners?”

At the same time, she’s trying to launch her own cookbook business. Now we’re arguing.


Dude, I had enough money at that point where I could have just hired a housekeeper and won back my wife’s time.

Sometimes we are stuck in this financial state of being broke, even though we have more money than we realize.

For me, I had to struggle with finances even from childhood. I grew up with this idea that I wasn’t meant to be rich.

As soon as I realized I DO have the money to outsource tasks, my life opened up and I started focusing in my zone of genius.

Once you know what your 5% is, you have to stick to it no matter what, and become the king or queen of saying, “That’s not in my 5%.”

Duplicate Your Self and Your Systems

The other part of it is you’ve got to scale through duplication of self and systems. Those are the only two things that matter. Self and systems.

Unfortunately, you can’t clone hundreds of yourself to do all the work for you. But you can train your team to follow your systems so that they can GSD the way you want.

I used to run ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Google. We still do, but I’m not running them anymore.

We got a guy named Jimmy in Florida, and another guy named Grant in Utah. And between the two of them, we spend $200,000 a month of my money to run ads on social media and Google search, and they get us the franchise leads that we want.

I’m a great closer, so I started bringing on board sales people, one at a time. Now we’ve got three people.

Their job all day long is to take those leads, qualify them, and close them. I’m able to duplicate myself through my team.

Now, you might go, “Well, yeah, but Bedros, you have the money to do that.”

I literally had to raise my franchise fees from $10,000 buy-in fee to $25,000 buy-in fee so that I can pay the commissions to my sales team, and so that I can pay the fee to our traffic buyers.

Many of you might be thinking, “Well, I don’t have the money to scale myself.”

My challenge to you is raise your prices. When you raise your prices, it forces you to deliver better value, better service, better products, and you end up getting better clients who are less of a headache for you.

And you can use some of that money to pay commissions, and pay other employees. You really win back your time, so you can focus on your 5%.

Committed to your success,