These 13 Strategies Will Stuff Your Business with Clients (Parts 1-3)

Step back and ask yourself: “How is my business doing?”

We’re just about at the halfway point of the year. Have you lived out your mission and purpose? Are you helping as many people as you can through your business?

I’m going to teach you 13 ways to get more leads, clients, and profits during the second half of 2018. With that said, let’s get started.


Go Harder on Your Marketing

First thing: You don’t want to cut back on your marketing, especially during the slower seasons.

One of the biggest cardinal mistakes that I see everybody make is they start pulling back on their marketing budget. Now I want you to go harder, market harder, double and triple your marketing strategies, spend more money, write better ads, put more offers out there on Facebook, build a bigger email list, do more referral contests and challenges.

You want to do more of the stuff that’s worked. I know what you’re thinking, “But if I just do one marketing campaign and promo after another, aren’t the people going to get tired and burnt out?”

No. Your business will continue to grow. You can even do this during the holidays when people tend to slow down their spending rates. If you still want to make the same amount of money, if not more, the plan is to do more of everything and go harder during those times, rather than slow down like everybody else.


Improve Your Selling

You need to commit to getting better at selling.Dollarphotoclub_64393354-300x200-3DZfIb.jpg

Increase your closing percentage. Sell bigger training programs. Overcome objections faster.

What is the fastest way you can win more dollars, more clients, and more impact? Well, it’s to get better at selling.

You can do this, and the way you’re going to do this is by watching Close Clients over and over again. I promise you, you’ll be selling more people on higher-dollar training programs than you ever have. You can even do that during the slowest times of the season to prove to yourself that it really isn’t the slowest time of the season.

Click here to purchase Close Clients and up your sales game now.


Make Referrals a Condition of Doing Business with You

Number three: We’re going to make referral-getting a condition of doing business with you.

How do you do this? Any time you get new clients in the next 60 days, the moment they sign up, you’re going to say, “Congratulations. Welcome aboard. As I help you burn more fat, build more muscle tone, and achieve your fitness and fat-loss goals, can I count on you to help me build my business and make a bigger impact in our community by referring your friends, family, and coworkers to me?”

They’re going to say yes and you’re going to shake hands. There, now you’ve created a condition of doing business with you.

Also, remember your existing clients that are committed to you. They love working out at your place. They love training with you. They are the people that you now want to ask for referrals.

If it’s during the holidays, say, “Hey, do you have any friends, family members, even coworkers who you think may want to work out so they don’t put on fat like most people do? If so, I want to train them for a week for free.”

Go gung-ho on those referrals.


Pump out the Social Proof

Let’s go to point number four, which is to pump out more social proof, more before and after pictures, and more client testimonials. Why? Because people want to see that you know how to deliver the results, and you don’t just talk about delivering the results.

Get those testimonial videos, get the before and after pictures, get those case study emails out, and just double and triple the amount that you put on Facebook, Instagram, and via email over the next 60 days.

Even if you get a few people that just push back and go, “Hey you’re marketing too much, you’re marketing too hard,” ignore them. More is better right now if you want to make more money and get your business rolling.


Go Live on Facebook

You want to go live on Facebook. Video is a big game-changer, and live video is a even bigger game-changer because Facebook is very eager to share your live videos with everybody on your fan page and friend list.

Think about it this way. The moment you go live, Facebook starts broadcasting you to as many of your friends as it can. What does that mean?

You have the opportunity to demonstrate exercises and to give them a peek into your boot camps and your personal training programs.

You might have a trainer running a workout right now. Well, you should be there with Facebook Live on your phone recording the thing. All you have to say is, “Hey, look. We’ve got 40 people working out and having a great time, burning fat. We miss you. If you live in the city of [CITY NAME], now’s the time to come in here and try us out for free while you can.”

Go live, and do a lot of demonstration stuff: ab workouts, leg workout, shoulder workouts. Show them how they can eat during the holidays to prevent gaining weight.


Build Your Email List Faster

I want you to commit to building your email list faster than ever. Here’s why: It’s just plain cheaper for you.

While the rest of your competition starts throttling back the amount of money they spend on Facebook, you’re going to spend more money on Facebook to build your email list.

The reason you want to do this is because you’re going to build an email list faster for less dollars, since there will be less competition trying to bid on the same number of people that you’re trying to bid on.

Now’s the time to ready those list-building offers, like the seven “at-home workouts” or the “enter to win a six-month free membership.”


Don’t Worry About the Competition

What else? Listen, we have to stop focusing on the competition. Start focusing on what you do best.

One, there’s no reason to focus on the competition to see what they’re doing. to see if you can match their prices, the type of training they offer, the schedule that they offer, etc.

You don’t have to worry about what the competition is doing. Worry about what you’re doing and do it to the best of your abilities.

The more you look at the competition and try to model and copy them, the worse you’re going to feel and the worse you’re going to do. You can only become the best version of your authentic self.


Become a Walking, Talking Billboard

It’s time to work on you.

If you have a few pounds to lose, or you have 20-30 pounds to lose, do it now, man. Become a new you. You’re a walking, talking billboard for your business.

Now, every time I talk about this, I get a lot of pushback, not necessarily from my mastermind members, but mainly from trainers in the industry who are fat and out of shape, yet they feel like they’re entitled to sell training and run a successful business. The reality is, if you’re fat and out of shape, you’re not being authentic.

See, an accountant doesn’t walk around with a P&L report attached to their face that shows how much money they have in their bank account. You and I, on the other hand, we’re fitness professionals that have to live and look the part.

If you don’t look the part of a personal trainer, I promise you, you are subconsciously sabotaging your marketing, you’re sabotaging your sales, and you’re not being as aggressive as you could be in growing your business. But if you do look the part, people will trust you as a fitness expert,

Lose those pounds. You know what to do. You’re certified in it. You know how to get the weight off and how to build that muscle. Become a walking, talking billboard and you’ll see how your business changes.


Scout Businesses That Have Your Future Clients

Who has your future clients? Always ask yourself that.

There’s already businesses out there that have your ideal client, and those businesses are trusted by these clients. You want these trusted business to promote you, which will make marketing and conversion a lot easier for you

I coach personal trainers on business. Meanwhile, Jason Phillips certifies trainers through his nutrition program. If Jason Phillips has my future clients, what arrangement can I make between myself and Jason’s business, iN3 Nutrition? Maybe I have him mail out a page where I can get opt-ins, and any sale I get, I give him commission.

What about certification organizations? What can I do to go speak at their events? What can I do to tap into their membership base?

You need to start asking yourself who locally has your clients. Do they have a fan page that you can target? Do they have a storefront that you can walk into and pitch a joint venture agreement where you promote them and they promote you? Odds are, you probably have their clients as well.


Give to Get

Of course, you’ve gotta give to get. What do I mean by this?

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in our marketing and the sales that we forget to give.

I’m not talking about just giving to your clients a mug with a $5 gift card in it to Starbucks. It could just be a meaningful text message sent from the heart: “Hey, thank you so much for being a client. I really appreciate you. You’re awesome, and I hope to get more clients like you.”

Remember, you can ask for referrals as you give a genuine compliment.  You can text message your clients or handwrite them “thank you” cards. You could even take a picture of them while they’re working out and post it to their Facebook wall and say, “Hey, thank you so much for working so hard and bringing the energy to boot camp today.”

When you give, you automatically end up getting something in return, which is pretty cool.


Upsell Existing Clients

Get your existing clients to buy more from you.

Think about it. People come to you to lose weight, to look better, to get healthier, to eat better. They already trust you and are therefore more likely to buy from you.

You can sell them stuff like nutrition programming or supplements. You could go into a joint venture with a chiropractor down the street who’s horrible at marketing; you’d say, “Hey, how much is your one session of adjustment?” Let’s say he says it’s $70. Say, “Great, what if I sell an adjustment session to a client of mine. Can I get $40 of that?” Boom, now you’re going somewhere.

You can do that with a massage therapist, a day spa, you name it. You can get really creative.

By the way, if you’re going to do supplements, unless you have a specific brand that you’re a big fan of, I highly suggest you promote BioTrust. They give you lifetime 30% commissions, and they ship supplements to your client’s houses. These are some of the highest-quality supplements out there.

People always ask me, “How do I get in on their joint venture program?” Click here to try it out. Trust me, it’s a platform that you’re going to love, especially when they send you a check for 30% of all the sales that your clients give them.


Run the Game Changer Challenge

A big-time challenge will get leads through your doors. After all, challenges are basically trial periods at ridiculously low prices…who wouldn’t want to get in on that?

All you have to do is go to It’s literally one of the best ways to run a 6 or 12-week challenge with your existing clients who are willing to pay more. This program shows you exactly how the whole challenge runs and what you need to do to make money.

Run it over the next few weeks with your existing clients. It’s a great way to get additional money from your them and give them faster results and better service. Click here and you’ll see what I mean.


Follow Up with Inactive Clients

I mean, talk about low-hanging fruit. If people have worked out with you before, you’ve gotta reach back out to them.

The secret to reactivation is in the monster follow-up. That’s it. You can’t just send one text message, one Facebook private message, or one email broadcast to them.

You’ve gotta call them and check in on them. “Hey, just checking in to see how you’re doing. You haven’t worked out here for six months. We loved it when you would come here and work out with us. We miss you. We want you to come back.”

Maybe they don’t pick up the phone; then you leave a voicemail. Then you’re going to text them a similar message. You’re going to send them a private message on Facebook. You’re going to email them, and you’re going to follow up for an entire week.

Then after that, follow up with them twice a month, just checking in, genuinely showing concern for your prospective clients, people who were clients and who are no longer active. That is the fastest and cheapest way to get them back into your fold. Next to referrals, that’s actually one of the cheapest ways to get clients back into your business because they already know the value of your program, and they’re probably in a better place now than they were three, five, or six months ago when they quit.


Read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield


You’ve gotta read the book Turning Pro. I’m telling you, it will change your life.

It’s a great book by Steven Pressfield, and it teaches you how to go from thinking like an amateur—trust me, I’ve been there before—to thinking and operating like a pro.

At the end of the day, any marketing strategies I teach you, any business scaling strategies I teach you, any closing/selling systems I teach you, all of it is worthless if you operate at a lower, amateur level. But once you kick it up notch and turn pro, guess what happens next? Your marketing, your scaling, your sales, your hiring—everything works at a better level.

That’s just how it is. Read the book, it’s not long at all and is an easy read. You’re going to get a lot of value from it, especially if you apply what you learn.


Committed to your success,