How to Get Resourceful as a Fitness Entrepreneur

Is it impossible to start a business when you have $0 to your name?

It isn’t. In fact, it’s more than doable, but you have to get resourceful. You have to use every single free resource at your disposal. If you do, you can turn everything around and create a profitable business out of thin air (basically).

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever these days for a new entrepreneur to start their own business. Don’t believe it? Let me walk you through how many resources you have available to start your own business—even on a tiny budget.

In order to found a business without money, you need to be resourceful. But what is resourcefulness?

What is Resourcefulness?

It’s when you use the limited resources you have in sensible and smart ways. It’s when you get creative and get shit done when you don’t have much.

As a kid, when my family didn’t have money and I had lice, my mom had to get resourceful. She had my dad siphon out gasoline from a parked car so that we could take care of the lice situation in my hair. Like, “Hey son, double over, close your eyes. I’ll let you know when to stand up.”

And just like that, she washed my hair with gasoline.

See, we used what we had to solve a problem. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. As an entrepreneur, you have to find ways you can be resourceful.

Luckily, I already know a few you can try out.

How Entrepreneurs Can be Resourceful

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a young man.

He tells me, “Man, I follow you everywhere, and I want to create an info product. It’s gonna be a how to build muscle product. But I don’t have anyone who can film the follow-along videos. And I don’t have anyone who can write the copy for me. And I don’t have money to buy traffic. And I don’t have anyone to build a website. And I don’t have the money to get the shopping cart.”

I then ask him, “Well, have you considered being resourceful?”

“Well what do you mean?”

See, you can use WordPress, a totally free service, to create and host your website.

Do you know what PayPal is? It’s free and that’s how you collect money.

But resourcefulness is step one. This young man was under the impression that unless he had the financial resources, he couldn’t build a muscle building info product. And so he had to keep working at Costco was his complaint, right? “I’m stuck at Costco.”

WordPress is free, buddy. PayPal is free. That iPhone there is what you use to make how-to videos.

phones-300x206-BQUy1w.jpgAnd when you do, you put them in a PDF or a password protected place on Vimeo, which is free. And then you can’t afford traffic, that’s okay. What if I give you the three biggest platforms that are willing to give you traffic?

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

You know, that shit that you’re hovering on all day long. Instead of being a consumer, be a creator of content.

Create and share free how-to videos and soon YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, will start giving you the traffic you need. And as you build a know, like, love and trust factor, you can move some of those people onto your free WordPress sales page to accept money from your free shopping cart.

So then you can call them with your phone and scale them into higher level coaching. And that’s how you quit Costco and it costs you nothing.

And you know what he said? “I just need some time. I just don’t have time to do all that.” So the problem is that most people have excuses. And so when I say man up, and what’s the definition of man up. It’s human up. It’s stop making excuses, take control of your situation and rise to your potential.