Why This Summer is the Perfect Season for Sales

It’s the summertime! Man, how can you not love this time of the year?

I personally love that I can be at one of SoCal’s many beaches in only 45 minutes. I get to shred waves anytime I want with my pal Jeff Sherman, an avid surfer himself.

Yet I talk to fitness professionals all the time, and they tell me that summer is actually a stressful, slow season of the year for them.

They always tell me that their clients get too “busy” for the gym, that those clients would rather be on vacation all summer than working on their fitness, and that they’re losing out on sales.

Newsflash: those clients aren’t too busy for you!

It’s on YOU to figure out how to keep them eager for more workouts. It’s your job to turn your clients into raving fans—the kind of people that will feel guilty for missing even one session with you…

This is called client retention—one of the biggest differences between those stuffy, impersonal big box gyms that cycle through clients and your studio or boot camp where your clients are treated like family and stick around for the experience as much as the results.

Basically, client retention is your duty to keep your current clients satisfied and enthusiastic.

Now, back to summer…

You’ve gotta look at summer from a different perspective. It’s the time of the year people want to look their absolute BEST. People want to wear those two-piece swimsuits that they haven’t even dared to try on before.

It’s when people want to lose some weight before they splurge on their upcoming vacations.

Man, to me, that’s opportunity knocking at your door!

Now, how are you going to close a load of clients AND retain the ones you already have this summer?

Well, first you’ll…


…start your own 28-day program…  

Your aim is to help each and every one of those clients that signs up with you during summer get in shape for the beach, the pool, etc.

You know that burning belly fat isn’t an overnight process. It takes a real commitment to working out and eating right…

It requires both the formula for rapid weight loss (which I’m sure you have already) and the marketing savvy to show your clients and prospects that your program really is worth their summer…

Here’s the formula: a 28-day “Beach Bod” program.

You’re going to model this program around those summer goals we talked about earlier—mainly the one about getting the bikini bod of your dreams. That’s your mantra for this program.

Now that you’ve got your angle, you need a price. Here’s what I recommend…

For your existing clients that sign up for this program, you’re gonna give them a discount that’s around $50. Again, this is how you keep clients from drifting away from your fitness business. This is how you give your clients the best feeling in the world: the feeling of being valued.

You’re gonna set a different price for those prospects you get through Facebook or your email list. If you charge your current clients $49, your sweet spot for new prospects is around $97.

Easy peasy.

One last thing: your clients don’t just need the workouts to get in shape; they need a diet that’s gonna help them lose fat and gain muscle.

There’s a super easy way to provide your clients with awesome nutrition without having to  hover over their shoulder every time they eat. You won’t need to cook them anything, either.

Literally all you need is a meal plan and you’re set!

I know an easy, done-for-you solution for you, and with it you will get all the recipes you need for a world-class meal plan. It’s called FitPro Newsletter, your greatest fitness marketing resource and ally. Check it out here.

Or, if you are a nutrition expert yourself, you can always create a meal plan yourself.

Or if you really want to go all out, you can sign up for a professional meal prep service or hire a nutritionist. Again, it’ll probably be most cost effective for you to use the recipes in FitPro Newsletter instead.

You’ll build that “know, like, and trust” factor I always talk about with your clients. Before you know it, your community will be buzzing about how effective your program really is, and prospects will come pouring into your fitness business!  

28 days of workouts and meal plans. That’s the golden package that your fitness business and your clients NEED this summer.


…then, you market the heck out of it…

No great program can get off the ground without the right marketing game plan.

Marketing is your ticket to attracting tons of prospects. You could have the most effective program in the world, but if you don’t get out there and market it, almost nobody will ever sign up for it.

So how do you make the most of your marketing? You promote the heck out of your programs. You blast them on social media and through email, and you make sure that the copy for your promotions is top notch.

For two weeks, you NEED to market your 28-day summer program on your personal page, on your fan page, and to your email list.Screen-Shot-2014-07-22-at-10.59.17-PM-300x182-CTjplh.png

Oh, and you’re going to market your program to your target audience within your area using Facebook’s demographic targeting. You want to be seen by the people most likely to join your fitness center, right?

THAT’S the way you do it.

This is also the time of year when you’ll be tempted to run some type of program for teachers or kids because they’re out of school.

For the love of fitness, don’t do it!

You don’t want to be “that” gimmicky gym that relies on janky marketing promotions. You’re better than that…

Honestly, just focus on nailing that 28-day promotion. That’s where you’ll find the bulk of your leads at.


…finally, you focus on their mentality.

What’s the biggest hurdle people face when they try to get in shape?

I could list a bunch of “obstacles” in the way of your clients’ fitness success, but honestly they all come down to the same thing…


Look, losing fat and getting toned is daunting. Sadly, that feeling of hopelessness only gets stronger the further away your clients drift from their fitness goals…

And that right there is the beauty of our profession, folks. You’re not just selling abs and biceps to your clients. You’re selling happiness, confidence, self-respect, and hope.

The power to change the way people view themselves is in YOUR hands. That’s a powerful thing.

Think about it: when you give someone the right mindset and the right motivation, they can move mountains.

It’s not that people CAN’T eat healthy or push themselves harder in their workouts—it’s that they don’t feel the motivation deep in Paint-Brain-300x254-5d3cKm.jpgtheir gut to get it done. Sure, they recognize the pain of being out of shape, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% committed to the solution of getting in shape—yet.

For just a second, think of yourself not as a fitness professional, but as a coach…

A coach’s job goes well beyond winning games. No, that coach gets to care for their team, make sure they’re doing well in school, provide them with motivational speeches before games, and pick them up when they’re down and out…

Your clients deserve that same level of care; that means both inside AND outside your gym.

So once you have your program set, your meal plan in place, and your marketing at the ready, I want you to create a Facebook group for the clients and prospects that opt in to your low barrier offer. This is where you will nourish your clients with motivational videos and where you’ll keep them accountable as they follow your meal plan.

Once again, your #1 choice for when it comes to fitness marketing resources, such as recipes and email promotions, is FitPro Newsletter. This is the kind of resource every fitness professional should have at their disposal! Here it is one more time!

Here’s to dominating the summer!


Committed to your success,