How to Grow Your Personal Training Business During the Holidays (Part 2)

We last left off talking about sending gratitude emails on Thanksgiving, and following up on Black Friday with a special deal to get more people on board.

You’re going to say, “Hey, I’m getting in on the action with the Black Friday vibe that’s going on, and so when you buy 12 months you’re going to get 10% off and you get three months free.”

How cool is that?

You only make that for the day of Black Friday and the Saturday that follows.

That’s when you say , “Hey, here’s the link to pay the program off in full. If you have any questions, email me or text me and we can get on the phone.”

You might be doing some working, some selling, some closing on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, but who gives a crap?

I’ve seen my clients bring in from as little as $10,000, $20,000 and as much as $150,000. The more clients that you have right now in EFT, the more revenue you’re going to bring in.

Here’s the good news, you can even limit it.

If you only want a certain amount of money to come in, like say you only need $30,000, you can say, “Hey, this Black Friday special is for the first five people who respond.”

You know that the first five people who respond are going to make you $30,000. Great!

Create Urgency to Get People Moving

You can limit it because maybe you don’t want everybody to switch from EFT to paid in full because then your EFT drops, but you still do want a big chunk of money to come in.

You can limit the amount of the Black Friday deals you’re selling. A great example of that is when Target or Costco will say, “We’re giving away three 60 inch TVs for $200. The rest are going to cost $2,000 but we’re giving away three on Black Friday for $200. The first three people to come to Costco or Target are going to get these big screen TVs.”

You’re going to send that out on Black Friday to your clients. Later that day, you send out a similar email to your prospects, but take out the 10%.


You’ll say “If you wanna kick ass in this new year and already start off with a new body, then I’ve got a Black Friday special for you. If you’re not a client now, this is the best time to become a client. You’re going to buy an entire year in full and I’m going to give you three months free.”

The only difference for prospects is you’re giving them 3 months, but you’re not going to give them the 10% off.

Your clients get the 10% off because I look at it as a loyalty discount, and they’re going to appreciate that.

On day three now, you send out a final reminder, “Hey guys, only two more spots left for my paid in full Black Friday promotion. First two people to respond get it.”

Obviously you can sell it to as many people as you want, but by building urgency of only two spots, you’re going to have more people respond to you.

When they respond to you, you’re going to get on the phone with them. If they’re a client, they buy a year in full, they get three months free, and 10% off.

If they’re not a client, they just get three months free, not 10% off. By doing this you’re going to get a big influx of money.

Got it? Good.

Build Your EFT Back Up

This was the big lesson I wanted to give you, that you can get a big influx of money during this holiday season.

Now here’s what happens next. When you run the Black Friday promo, obviously your EFT drops.

Your EFT drops, but your revenue does go up because you’re also bringing in people who were not clients, into your business.

You might bring in 3, 10, 20 people who are prospects into your business so your revenue goes up, but make no mistake about it, your EFT is going to drop.

The next thing you’re going to do the first week of December is run a Facebook funnel 21 days for 21 bucks.

Now I want you to build up your EFT in the month of December. One of the best promotions to run in the month of December is 21 days for 21 bucks.

You might think that that’s going to get you a lower quality of client, it is not.

People are going to jump on board with that, and you’re going to close as many of them as you can into regular paying clients.

The Non-Close Close Method

The best way to close them is to use the Jeff Sherman non-close close method.

When someone buys the 21 days for 21 bucks, you’re going to go, “Hey, welcome aboard. Here’s 21 days that you’re going to do with us. You’re going to have a great time. By the way, if you check off this box and put your credit card number in there at the end of your 21 days, we’re going to give you your first 30 days at half-off and then charge you $197 a month after that.”

That’s a “no close-close”. You’re going to say, “You have all 21 days to decide if you want to continue with us or not. If you don’t just let us know, we’ll tear up this agreement. If you do, you are going to get half off your first month. If you don’t check off this box and you want to continue after the 21 days, then I’m going to have to charge you full price for your first month.”

It’s a real easy close, it’s called a non-close close for a reason.

You’re kind of closing them, but without a real commitment. Most people end up checking that box off, giving you their credit card information, and agreeing that if they do like the program during their 21 days, you can just auto-enroll them into a month-to-month program.

Now by doing this we take a big influx of money out of your business using the paid-in-full Black Friday promotion and then in December, the first week of December, we’re running the 21 days for 21 bucks and increasing your EFT using that.

This way you got your EFT back up and you’re going into the new year with money in your wallet so that you can crush and dominate with the New Year Revolution Funnel that we’re going to release for you come mid-December.