How to Grow Your Personal Training Business During the Holidays (Part 3)

I’m going to end this with a lesson that I taught everybody at the Mastermind in addition to what I just taught you in my previous posts.

That is that you are in a place now where people don’t really care what you do anymore.

Listen, there’s personal trainers everywhere. There’s boot camps everywhere, there’s cross fits everywhere. There’s yoga, Pilates – everywhere.

You’re competing against the big box gyms, you’re competing against the commercial bootcamps, you’re competing against my Fit Body Boot Camp locations.

Really, the only thing that differentiates you is not what you do but who you are.

Get on the Top 3 Networks

People no longer buy what you do, they buy who you are. So now that we know that I want you to get really good at using the top three networks to get in front of your audience using video, you’re like, “The top three networks? I’m going to get on ABC, NBC, and CBS?”

No, you’re going to do something even better than that. You’re going to go on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and what I want you to do is get into the habit of putting on two videos per week on each of those platforms.

Two videos on Instagram per week, two videos on Facebook per week, two videos on YouTube per week, and all of those videos are going to be how to’s.

If you’re wondering, “Well, where do I get the content, where do I get the ideas for all these how-to videos?” Guess what, you have about 10,000 ideas.


You want to know where? You’re going to log into your FitPro Newsletter Account, you’re going to go into the archive section. Remember, we have over 10,000 newsletters that we’ve sent out over the last 12 years.

You can go through the subject lines, and turn them into your headlines. The body of that email becomes your content, so you’re going to go through and read it and you’re going to go, “Oh okay, seven things to avoid during the holiday season to not get fat and bloated.”

You’re going to go, “Hey what’s up, this is Bedros Keuilian and I’m the Head Personal Trainer here at Bedros’ Fitness Bootcamp and today I’m going to teach you the seven things to avoid during the holidays that are going to make you fat and bloated.”

You just literally create that video, you put the one minute version up on Instagram, you put the 7-10 minute up on Facebook, and you put the 3-4 minute version up on YouTube.

You might do another one on how to meal prep. You might do another one on the top three exercises to flatten your abs. You might do another one on why water is so important.

We’ve got so many articles in the archive section of FitPro Newsletter that you really don’t need to come up with your own ideas.

You can just extract ideas from there, but you’re going to put up two videos a week on Instagram, two videos a week on Facebook, and two videos a week on YouTube.

Become a Celebrity in Our Industry

The reason is I want you to become a celebrity. People trust celebrities, people buy more from celebrities, people give way less objections to celebrities, and people pay more for celebrities.

Do you wonder why I make so much money in our industry that’s supposed to be broke? Everyone tells me, “Bedros, you’re in the fitness industry? Gee, I’m in the dental industry, I’m in the chiropractic industry, I’m in the plastic surgeon industry, why do you make so much more money?”

I go, “Because personal trainers have money.”  Just when I position myself to them as the expert, the celebrity, the authority, and when I deliver great content, they’re willing to pay a lot more for my high level coaching programs or for my franchise.

It’s never an issue of people not having money, they have the money, but do they want to give you the money?

The only way people want to give you their money is if you position yourself as an expert.

When you put up a YouTube video that says, “Chino Hills personal trainer shows you the top three exercises for flat abs,” well guess what? When people from Chino Hills do a Google search for flat abs or how to get in great shape, they’re going to YouTube and they’re going to pull up that YouTube video in Chino Hills.

They’re going to see you on Instagram and Facebook because social media has gotten so damn good at putting the right content in front of the right people.

Because of that, people are going to see you at the supermarket or at the bank and go, “Oh my gosh, you’re famous, I watch your videos.”

My private coaching clients get that all the time, they text me and say “Hey, someone just ran into me at the supermarket and they’re like oh my gosh, you’re famous, I watch your videos all the time.”

Guess what? They don’t watch it on TV, they watch it on social media but it still gives the same effect.

Make Videos Part of Your Business

When people know, like, and trust you and they see you as an authority, they will pay you more, give you less objections, and want to do business with you.

You can now charge a lot more because you differentiate yourself from all the other weak competition that’s around you. Make sense?

You’re going to use Facebook, you’re going to do the paid-in-full funnel.

And you’re going to use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube moving forward. This is attention under time, meaning you’re going to do this over a long period of time.

I don’t want you to think you’re going to do this for three weeks and now you’re going to be famous and then you can stop. You have to do this for a long period of time and people eventually go, “Holy cow, I recognize that guy or gal.”

You just have to make that part of your thing, get over the fact that I’m nervous, I feel weird about it. What do I know, what if people laugh. Who gives a shit. You should be fresh out of fucks where that’s concerned anyway.

Look man, I stutter, English is a second language for me, I’ve got a lisp. Half the time I’m breaking out in a sweat when I’m making a video.

The reality is, I know that the more I’m on video, the more serious you’ll take me, the more you’ll see me as an authority and a celebrity in our industry, and the more you’ll want to do business with me.

Which means I’ll impact your business and help you make more money. You become a testimonial, and then the cycle continues again. That’s what you want to do in your community.