Why You’re Never Too Successful to Hire a Business Coach

You, along with everyone—literally everyone—in the world, need a coach.

That might sound weird to you at first. Don’t some people just have it figured out?

The truth is, a coach is much more than just some self-help shaman you go to when you can’t figure something out…

I want you to know that coaches are not taboo. They’re critical to your growth as a person and as a businessman or businesswoman. Let me show you why you need to hire the right business coach ASAP if you haven’t already.


Coaches Are Your Outside Eyes


The biggest benefit that a coach provides you with is outside eyes. Like, all I know about my empire here is what I can see. I know there’s a door there, there’s a door behind me. I’ve got a team here in front of me. But a pair of outside eyes can go, “You know what, there’s this other thing that you have that you don’t see.”

Even for me, I’ve built an empire, yet I still have coaches. In fact, I have a speaking coach, I still have a business coach, and I belong to a network of entrepreneurs where we meet three times a year for two whole days and brainstorm.

“What’s working for you on social media? What’s working for you in terms of building your team? How are you getting published?”

The moment I stop getting coaches is the moment that I start failing. Not enough people look at it that way. Instead, they think, “You know what? I’ve made it. I’m good. I don’t need coaching anymore.”

That right there is the kiss of death. I always want a pair of outside eyes looking into my life and my business, telling me, “Hey, dude, you’re overworking and not paying any attention to your family. I see that with my outside eyes; you don’t.”

Joel Wheldon, my speaking coach, we ended up speaking at the same event in New York. I came off stage and I go, “Joel, any pointers?” He goes, “I’m going to email you.” He emailed me four days later. Six pages. And man, did I go from good to great.

But if I didn’t have Joel’s outside eyes, I’d go, “Well, people loved me. I keep getting booked, and I keep getting standing ovations, and I move the audience. I’m doing my job.”

Maybe I was. But what if you can get a degree better? That’s what a coach helps you do.


Coaches Can Empathize with You

Yes, you need the wisdom of others to grow your business in ways you haven’t yet thought about, maybe that you’d never think about on your own. But when shit hits the fan, the emotional support of a coach is just as important as the knowledge they give you. That support can get you back on your feet faster than ever.

As entrepreneurs, we often feel like we’re islands. Like no one understands our pains and our successes. Emotionally, it’s easy to feel isolated from the rest of society.

That’s why a coach, especially one who’s been there, done that, can empathize with what you’re going through. The right coach will know how you feel, and they’ll know what they need to tell you when you’re happy, down, frustrated, and everything in between.

Think about Usain Bolt, one of the world’s fastest sprinters. All year long, his coach works with him to help him get better.

Sometimes that means having tough talks with him about his nutrition, or his work ethic, or his sleeping habits.

Other times that means celebrating when he breaks a PR.

There are even times when something bad happens in the athlete’s life—God forbid someone dies or gets cancer—and the coach consoles them through it.

That’s why a coach can be a game-changer for you. When your emotions are in check, you make better decisions that net you higher profits and greater happiness. A great coach will help you do just that.


Coaches Make Their Team Better

When you start looking at yourself as a coach, you understand that you have a responsibility to coach your team the right way. Otherwise, it’s like throwing a human into the ocean without a buoy, without any food, without any light, and without any water, saying, “Well, good luck.”

I mean, I’ve got to give you some odds of survival. I’ve got to give you some tools to survive. If I give you the tools and you say, “Fuck it, I’m not using it. I’m not going to drink the water. I’m going to drink salt water instead and get dehydrated. I don’t need this buoy,” well, you’re going to drown.

As the leader, your job is to give your team members rope, and their job is to either make a ladder with it and climb up or hang themselves with it. I’ve always tried to do anything I can to work my team members up. I’ll do this until I’m at a point where I know in my heart they’re not meant to be on our team, which is when I have the responsibility to them and to my business to part ways.

That’s why coaches are crucial to your long-term success. If you can put your pride down and ask for some help, you’ll be surprised at how far you can go in business and in life.


Committed to your success,