How to Outsmart the Web and Rank Your Fitness Boot Camp Videos on Google

Want to learn a clever way to get leads and prospects and clients from the internet, specifically from Google and even more specifically from a YouTube video?

You probably don’t know this, but the easiest way to rank in the number one, two, or three spot for specific keywords like “personal trainer” in your city or “fitness boot camp” in your city is to rank a video on YouTube. Google will then show that video on its search index when it’s being searched.

So how do you get your YouTube video to rank in the number one, two, or three spot on Google? Well it’s pretty simple.


What Should Your Video Be About?

First of all, you’re going to make a video and start by introducing who you are and what you do. I start with a, “Hey, my name is Bedros, I’m a fitness marketing expert, and I help personal trainers grow their businesses. You would say, “Hey, my name is John Smith, and I’m a fitness trainer here in Chino Hills, California, and I help people lose fat and improve their fitness levels. Today I want to talk to you about the top three ways to firm, tone, and tighten your midsection.”

Then, of course, you would either demonstrate that with a client or demonstrate it yourself. At the end of that three to seven minute video, you’re going to give them a call to action.

That call to action is very important because if someone watches your video but you don’t tell them what to do next, they’re just going to move on and watch another video. At the end of your video you’re going to say, “All right, I hope you liked those three exercises that I showed you. Now you can get more information about my personal training business when you click the link right down below.”

Put the link to your website in the description box. That’s the very first thing you should do before you even write your description. Very much like I have mine,—you can go to my blog and get more fitness marketing information.


Tag and Post Your Video

Now that you know how to structure your video, what to teach, how to give a call to action, how to open, what to teach, and how to close, how do you get your video to rank?

Well, first and foremost, you want to upload it to a YouTube channel. If you have an old YouTube channel, you’re better off uploading it there because Google gives older YouTube channels a little more props, so you’re video’s going to rank faster.

Number two, write the keyword in the title of the video. If the keyword that you want people to search for is “Personal Trainer Chino Hills,” then you would write, “Personal Trainer Chino Hills Reveals Top Three Exercises for Flat Abs” as the title.

In the description, you’re going to mention “Personal Trainer Chino Hills”. And in your tags, you’re going to mention “Personal Trainer Chino Hills”. You might end up making 5, 10, 15 different videos, one for each keyword, and then go through that same process. You can even sit down and film 5 or 10 of these videos in one day, then upload the to YouTube.

By putting your keyword or key phrase in the title, in the description, and in the tags, you’re telling Google that your video is actually very relevant to the keyword being searched. Google can’t read videos, but it certainly can read titles, tags, descriptions, and meta tags, or description tags.


Take Your Video to the Top of Google

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you’re going to go to, and you’re going to spend $5 to buy quality incoming links to your YouTube video. A week later, you’re going to buy what are known as social bookmarks. Again, quality over quantity.

Just do those two simple things, then send out an email to your clients afterwards saying, “Hey, I uploaded a new video where I teach you three exercises to firm, tighten, and tone your abs.” Of course, your clients will go there and hit like and leave some comments.

Now Google is going to start catching onto this, believe it or not, and within one week to a few weeks that video is going to rank number one, two, or three on the first page of Google for your keywords.

Shoot your videos, tag them properly, and rank higher than the rest of your local competition.


Committed to your success,