The 5 Things Every Fitness Boot Camp Owner Needs to Know

Congrats! You decided to open up your own boot camp. Now what?

You have to take action. Immediately. Winners take action. Losers sit around and plan and never get anything done.

There are five main things you need to focus of course once you start your fitness boot camp: your niche market, your marketing, your systems, your sales, and your leverage. Let’s talk about those in detail so you can go out and crush it on day 1—and beyond.


Identify Your Niche Market

First and foremost, you need to realize that your fitness boot camp is not going to be for everybody. In fact, it’s only going to be for a specific segment of the population—your niche market.

Figuring out your niche market is your first task…

Who are you most passionate about? Are you passionate about training women? Stay at home moms? Business executives? Athletes? Young kids?

Serve the people you’re most passionate about and that you can easily reach. That’s your niche market.

Here’s another way to think about it: figure out whom you would train for free if you had no need for money. Whomever you would train for free is your ideal niche market.


Market Like a Boss

Once you have your niche market figured out, your next move is to develop marketing systems that target that audience.

Rather than talking your ear off in this blog, I want you to go to my blog to download the free fitness marketing and boot camp marketing systems that I’ve outlined for you. It’s a free gift from me to you that’s going to help you fill your boot camp up with paying clients.


Systemize Your Business

The next thing you’re going to focus on is systems, because without systems, your business can’t run effectively. In fact, I don’t know if you know this but systems is an acronym: Save Yourself Time, Effort, and Money.

Systems are really important. You might have closing systems, marketing systems, referral generation systems, maybe even a system for whenever a client misses a session or two.

What happens when a client quits? You need a reactivation system to try to get them back on board. How do you contact prospects? What’s the system there? What’s the script?

Have your assistant—someone who’s good at documenting and keeping records—follow you for the whole month while you put all these systems in place. They’re going to document everything you do.

So for whatever marketing piece you run, they’re going to record what you did, how you did it, and who you contacted. They’re going to figure out how you close people. Do you sit them down? Do you have them fill out a PAR-Q? A liability release? Do you have them work out before you bring them back into your office and go through the sales script? They’re going to document all of that for you.

After a month, you’re going to have all your dialed-in systems in a three-ring binder so you can pass them along to anybody you want. That could be an employee, a manager, or even a business partner.

Remember: systems win you freedom. You no longer have to do everything by yourself. Instead, hire capable team members that can follow your system to a “T” and produce the results you’re looking for in your business.


Nail Down Your Sales Process

Speaking of systems, one of the most important systems you’ve got to have is a sales system, because your marketing is no good unless you know how to take the prospects you get and convert them into paying clients.

My most successful coaching clients who are doing multiple six and seven figures have those two things down pat. They know how to attract ideal prospects to their business, as well as how to convert those prospects into long-term paying clients.

In order to do that, make sure you have your closing process systemized. Get your script down and really lean into those closing strategies, which you can learn here on this blog.

When you have a sales system and become the assistant buyer rather than the salesperson, selling becomes much, much easier.


Learn How to Leverage and Scale

Finally, you need leverage. If you’re like me, you’re ambitious, so you’re probably wondering, “How do I open up multiple boot camps? How do I clone myself so that I can scale my business?”

Well, you’ll need to know how to leverage. You’ll want to hire an assistant, a sales manager, and a personal trainer for all your facilities.

Again, rather than getting long-winded in this blog, I want you to click here. In that post, you’ll learn how to leverage and how to find assistance, so you can have multiple locations and grow them each to six or seven figures.


Committed to your success,