How to Overcome Anything

“You know who doesn’t have problems? Dead people… dead people have no problems.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

I can still remember the very first time I heard someone use this quote. Tony ProblemsRobbins introduced me to Peale’s iconic words while I listened to one of his CDs and ever since, I have been repeating this phrase to myself whenever life attacks me with its most frustrating problems.

There are times when you will be saddled with adversity and troubles that make you truly believe they are too big or too daunting for you to deal with. When you are trapped within the midst of these trials, struggling through the worst times, your thoughts and worries can convince you there is not, and never will be, a way out.

Other times you’re knocked down, but each time you get right back up, you keep getting knocked over and over again. Often, one problem is compounded by another and another, and yet another, until you feel like you’re cursed or something even worse.

Problems never seem to come at the right time, do they?

No matter how much you have prepared or how ready you think you are to deal with your next tribulation, there will inevitably be a time when you can’t help but feel blindsided, overwhelmed, and discouraged. And just when things seem like they can’t possibly get any worse, they get worse: money problems, business problems, life and love problems.

Ever had this happen to you?

Look, if you plan to be alive this time next year, I can predict with 100% certainty that you’ll have it happen again. Probably numerous times.

But that’s just life man! You’re not cursed. You’re not living under a dark cloud. No one has it out for you.

Trust me, you’re not important enough for anyone to have it out for you. It’s just life, and life comes with ups and downs, bumps and bruises.

But that’s what makes it so damn exciting!

Think about this: if every day were a perfect day, how would you know it? How would you enjoy the hell out of your great days without suffering through and triumphing over the most difficult? As hard as it may be to believe when you are in the thick of your worst difficulties, life’s problems and challenges are there to help you appreciate those perfect days.

You’ve got to learn to deal with problems and adversities— grow from them, cope with them, overcome them, and you’ll be better, stronger, and tougher because of it. Learn to adapt. Learn to make the best of situations and don’t ever get so stuck in your ways or your habits that you can’t make any changes necessary for survival and success.

Let me put it this way: You should never live your life like you’re a pretty little Orchid.

Sure, an Orchid is believed by many to be one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. If given the option, I know that most people would choose to be seen as an Orchid over any other plant because they are entranced by is lovliness.

But consider this: an Orchid is extremely delicate, fragile, and temperamental. It is so uncompromisingly dependent on a certain set of conditions that only exist within one specific, unique environment, that it can survive nowhere else.

Even a small change in its surroundings can kill an Orchid. As soon as one of the many different environmental factors changes, the Orchid withers and dies. Sound familiar?

Too much humidity and the Orchid dies.Dead Orchid

Not enough sunlight and it’s dead.

Too cold? Dead.

Bad soil? You guessed it: dead.

As far as I’m concerned, Orchids are all show and no go and that’s the last way I ever want to be described.

But on the other hand, you have the weeds.

Of the over 297,000 species of plants identified worldwide, only 3% of them are weeds— but we see them growing everywhere!

They are strong, resilient, and impossible to eradicate. No matter the strategies used by farmers or gardeners, weeds will always triumph, dominate, and regrow. They’ll break through concrete, split asphalt, dig roots into soft sand, poke through snow, and even thrive on rocks. Weeds never seem to need water, soil, or sunlight; they simply choose to never die and so they figure it out.

They can handle the freezing cold and hell like heat. They thrive, they’re resilient, and when you pull one out, two come back to take its place.

If you want to get the absolute most out of your life, to thrive, grow, and triumph, to dominate your problems no matter the hand you’re dealt, then you have got to learn to live your life like a weed.

Weeds are like the Honey Badgers of the plant world— they just don’t give a S#!t!

Weeds are relentless and fearless, the polar opposite of an Orchid.

If up to today you have been trying to live your life like a pretty little Orchid, then stop!

Start living like you’re an unstoppable, unkillable, and constantly adaptable weed. Welcome problems, invite challenges, and bring adversities into your life. Find something that is hard and do it. Identify a problem with your life, love, or happiness, and fix it. Learn to view each of these trials as opportunities to better yourself, hone your mind, and harden your determination for success.

Be a weed my friend. Thrive, NO MATTER WHAT.Garden weed

Home Depot has yet to sell a weed killer that can actually kill a weed. Even modern day science can’t come up with a chemical or a serum that can permanently and effectively destroy the weed. It might go away for a day, or a week, but it’s gonna come back with a vengeance: stronger, bigger, and tougher.

Why? Because it’s a weed and that’s what weeds do.

Now make it what you do.

Live like you mean it!