The Systems That Anchor a Successful Fitness Business

Life happens. Shit happens.

I’ve heard it all. There’s one entrepreneur that gets sick and has to take weeks off to recover. Another leaves the country to volunteer in Africa for a month.

Listen, I’m not telling you to suck it up and be Superman. Sometimes you can’t be at your business, but that doesn’t mean that business stops.

Which is why you NEED to automate your fitness business, which only happens when you have the right systems in place.

Let’s me show you how to do that.

So what’s your first step?

Lead generation and conversion are the number one and two systems, right? Because without leads and clients, forget about your training system, nutrition system, retention system, referral system. You’ve got no clients, you’ve got no referrals.

So system number one and two are lead generation and conversion (sales).

You need to have at least three funnels in operations at all times during the month. What are those three funnels? Every month you have to run an online funnel, an offline funnel, and an internal funnel.

The internal funnel is some kind of referral generation contest that you run, like when you ask your top 10 clients for referrals. That’s an internal funnel that you’re gonna run this month.

An online funnel could be a Facebook ad where, for the first week of the month, you can opt in to win six months free membership to my facility. That’s a great way to build your list in week one.

Week two, you announce who the winner is, and then you tell everyone who didn’t win, “Hey, you can come and do a 14-day fat furnace at our facility for $47.”

An offline funnel could be something like you go and do three lunch and learns with local businesses and, of course, get them to start influencing their clients to come to you. You’ll let them work out at your facility for free after you do the lunch and learn.

But every month, you want to have three funnels up and running: online, offline, internal. And of course you have to use Close Clients to convert people into paying clients. Click here to get Close Clients at an awesome price—it’s a must if you want to bump up your closing rate.

So after those two systems, the next system is your follow-up. For that, you need an admin.

Your admin is gonna do things like follow up calls, make sure everyone’s credit card is charged on time, do the collection calls, etc. Not the funnest thing to do, but they have to do it because it’s not in your 5% to do.

And of course you need a training system, right? So you need a trainer or two if you’re doing group training. If it’s one-on-one then you’ll need more coaches to train, do the fitness evals,  and deliver the nutritional programming.

Lead generation, sales, administration, and then operations. And operations is training and delivering the results.

Make sense?


Committed to your success,