3 Ways to Quickly Earn the Trust of Your Fitness Prospects

Imagine if you could sell your fitness prospects without feeling like a used car salesman.

You don’t have to imagine it…you can sell them without being a sleaze ball. All you have to do is use sales strategies that earn your prospects’ trust. What does that come down to? Hitting their emotional triggers.

I want to show you a formula made up of three specific ways to earn your prospects’ trust and convince them to train with you. This is something you can do instantly to increase your closing percentage and win loyal clients who, eventually, will refer even more clients to you down the line.


Transfer Feelings to the Prospect

You first have to understand that selling is nothing more than a transfer of feelings.

If you’re passionate about fitness, if you work out and have benefitted from it, if you’ve got clients who have received life-changing results, you have to communicate and transfer those feelings to the prospect sitting across from you. For most people, emotions play a huge role in decision-making. If you can get your prospects to experience even a taste of how it feels to live healthy, they’ll be more likely to commit to training with you.

One thing I love to do is show my prospects case studies. I have my star clients—the people who’ve lost the most weight and experienced the most change through fitness—write out their testimonies. They talk about where they started, how my training helped them lose weight, and where they’re at now—and I make sure to include before and after photos as visual proof of their transformation.

If you share these stories and communicate these experiences effectively, they’ll begin to picture themselves scoring the same results as your top clients. That makes it so much easier to sell them on what you’re offering.


Be Their Assistant Buyer

Next, you have to be yourself and not a salesperson. This is what I call being an “assistant buyer.”

So as the assistant buyer, your job is to help that prospect make the best possible decision for themselves. What will make them happiest? What’s best for their health, their future, their career, their family?

The assistant buyer knows the buyer well. They know exactly what the buyer prefers, what they need, what their limitations are, and again, what’s best for them. They’re basically the friend they trust when they need help making a tough decision.

Prospects respond to you when they know you have their best interests at heart. That’s why I always sit down and get to know my prospects on a personal level. I want to know what their goals are and what their fitness history looks like. That way, I can be the best possible assistant buyer to them possible.


Peel the Onion

Finally, you’ve gotta learn how to peel the onion.

When a prospect comes to you, odds are they’re experiencing some level of pain. Now, when they sit across from us as personal trainers, they might say, “Hey, I just wanna get in shape and lose weight,” but unless you peel the onion and keep asking them why they want to get in shape, they’re not going to tell you what their core reason is.

Thing is, that core reason is why they’re gonna buy from you and become a client for a long period of time.

So you’ve gotta ask them why. Why are you here today and not six months ago? What would it mean if you didn’t lose the weight? What about if you did lose the weight? How would your family react to you? How would it change your career or your business life? What would it do to your confidence?

The more open-ended questions you ask—the more you peel the onion—the closer you’ll get to the core reason they’re there. It’s that emotional trigger that will lead them to buy from you and become a long-term client.

And that’s just it—when you appeal to the buyer’s emotions, they begin trust you and what you’re selling them. Master this and you’ll be killing it and growing your business in no time.


Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian