Stop Showing Off Your Fitness Knowledge and Make Sales

Sales is influence.

How we explain things determines how people understand things. I want you to realize that.

There’s a term that I coined about five years ago called simple science. I coined that after talking to enough personal trainers and asking them, “What kind of training business do you have?”

They would say, “Well, I got my education in kinesiology. I did my thesis in ‘X’. I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist, distinguished.”

They would go into the science that would make my eyes cross, and I’m from the industry.


Deliver the House, Not the Tool Belt

I realized real quickly that they’re probably saying this stuff to a prospect who’s right across from them. Those are your tools of the trade. You have all those different things hanging off your tool belt.

But guess what? They don’t want your tool belt. They want the house.

No one is looking to buy a drill. Everybody wants the hole. They want the hole, the outcome.

Imagine if I ranted about the human behavior and science behind why people purchase. Or about how when someone actually makes a purchase, their desire to purchase is not satisfied—it’s actually agitated, and a few emotional triggers lead them to purchase even more.

You don’t care about that. You just want to know how to get more clients and make more money? That’s what I teach.

Those of you that are whacky like I am will want to learn the science behind it and deconstruct it and reconstruct it even better. But I want you to understand that how you explain something really does determine how people understand it.


Simplify the Science!

I want you to simplify the science. That’s why I talk about the arm-around-body fat test…


I know it’s 3 to 5% off one way or another but it doesn’t matter. If you’re north of 30% body fat, and most

people who you’ll body fat test will be, does it really matter if it’s 30, 33, 35, 36, 38%?

No. Because once you get them as a client, you’re either going to use your bioimpedance, or your calipers, or whatever method. You might even get a truck to come in and do hydrostatic once a month.

But you have to simplify the science. “Here, Mrs. Jones. Hold this. We’re going to do a body fat test. Got it.” Simple.

Of course, how people perceive things determines their buying behavior. That’s why you have to learn how to influence their understanding, perception, and behavior during the buying process.


Control Your Clients(?)

Remember: you have 100% influence and control over their understanding, their perception, and their behavior during the buying process.

Control and compliance. Bedros, those are kind of heavy words you’re using, control and compliance. That’s like something a cult would say.

Yeah, that is what a cult does. The difference is we’re not going to have people shave their heads, wear their Nikes, and drink the Kool-Aid and kick the can.

We need them to comply. We need to get control over their behavior in that moment so we can convert them into a paying client. That way, they don’t screw up and make a bad decision by getting lap band, by getting the fat sucked out of them and leaving giant craters all over their body.

The way I look at it is I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to become a client of mine, because once you’re a client, you’re under my protection.

As a customer, a person who just buys from me one-off, comes to an event, buys an info product, pays to attend a webinar, you’re a customer. That’s a transaction.

That’s great, but I don’t have tremendous influence over you. I can’t open up your brain and install new knowledge and behavior and be there to fix you when you deviate.

But when you become a client, you’re under my protection. You have an obligation to help them reach their goals.


Committed to your success,