How to Start a Fitness Boot Camp

Listen. I’ve been where you are right now. You’re offering one on one training right now. Maybe you do some group training.

You might even offer boot camp workouts… but you know you could be doing boot camps better.

So what’s this blog post about? If your goal is to start offering more boot camp workouts so that you can trim away some of your one on one training session and still make great money while having more time off then this is the article you’ll want to read…

…because in this post I’m going to teach you how to start a fitness bootcamp that gets clients, gets popular, and makes more money than one on one training.

The Fit Body Boot Camp Train Like a Girl Promo Video…

I hear all the time from fitness pros like you, so I’m going to give you my guide on how to start a fitness boot camp.

Identify your unique selling point 

What is your unique selling point? What are you going to offer your community that no one else is? Identify what it is you can provide best and build your business model around that idea.

One way to figure out your unique selling point is to look at which demographic in your community can afford boot camps with you. Which group is untapped by the fitness industry right now? Which demographic has more free time and disposable income than any other?

Identify this group and market towards them.

Build your email list

If you don’t already have an email list, it’s time to start one. Email lists are the best way to let people know about what is going on in your business and send them low barrier offers.

When you’re just starting out you need a great low barrier offer to grab prospects’ attention.

What is a Low barrier Offer? A short term (under 30 days) and low cost (under $100) program that you can offer to new clients to try out your service. This is why building and having an email list is critical… it’s like having clients on tap.

Create an online offer of 2-3 weeks of your training at a super low price, with an opt-in page that asks your prospect to enter their email.

Post LBO deals to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in addition to promoting it to your email list. These are both free advertising spaces that you should be utilizing. Create a boosted post on Facebook to promote this web deal to your target demographic.

You can use FitPro Newsletter to build and manage your email list.

Find your location

We live in a digital age, so you’ll be doing all of your marketing online. Because of this you New Shopping Center made of Brick Facadedon’t need to worry about street visibility. If you market yourself right online your prospects will find you.

For boot camps you only need about 2,000 square feet of space. It’s better to avoid having a large space that you can’t fill up because then people will think that your boot camps aren’t in demand. Think about when you go to a restaurant at peak lunch or dinner time and nobody’s there. Makes you suspicious, doesn’t it?

It’s also important to avoid loans and investors when finding a space to use. Negotiate getting your first month or two with lowered or no rent while you get going. Raise all the money you need to pay by selling training. Be in command of your own fate when it comes to your business, don’t let anyone else have a hand in it.

Get human billboards

“Human billboards” are free advertising for you and a great way to get people that are paying you to help build up your client base.

A human billboard is someone who has gone through your training and now has an amazing body that they want to show off. AND they want to tell all their friends and family that YOU helped them get there.

Talk to clients that have been with you for a long period of time about telling their friends and family about your new boot camp. Ask them to post on Facebook about how great your program works. They’re not lying either, their bodies are physical proof that what you do is effective!

Your paying clients are a great resource for advertising to the community that so many people don’t utilize. Clients already love you for changing their lives, so ask them to help you do the same with others. Composite image of muscular woman flexing her muscle

This is seriously the most important step when it comes to starting a fitness boot camp. If you have amazing testimonials to back you up, you can afford to stumble on all these other tips and learn as you go. Social proof is the one thing your business can’t live without, so make sure you’ve got it.

Forget the competition

I don’t focus on my competition. Honestly, they’re not worth my time, and they’re not worth yours, either. Focus on your own business instead. When you spend time thinking about what the other gyms in town are doing you could instead be creating new marketing strategies or closing clients.

“But Bedros, how will I know if I’m doing better than them?”

You’ll know when your next boot camp session is so full you have to turn people away. You’ll know when you can give your staff more money because they deserve it and you have the means to pay.

Who cares what the other gyms or boot camps are doing? You are here to do one specific thing and that’s deliver results. If you do that and keep closing new clients then the competition will be worrying about you instead.

Charge what you’re worth

Not only should you forget the competition, but you shouldn’t worry yourself with their pricing options.

You always have to charge what your worth, otherwise potential clients won’t think you’re worth anything at all. People are complaining that another gym is cheaper? Well you give them better results and faster weight loss. You offer something other people don’t.

You’ve got to really evaluate your business and what it is you’re offering. If you’re the only person in town offering fast weight loss in a religious atmosphere then charge accordingly (I can think of ton of businesses that are already doing really well with this approach). If you specialize in helping athletes optimize their performance on the field, charge them for results.

If you don’t think you’re worth it, neither will your clients.

Hire slow and fire fast

The boot camp model includes a much bigger scale than one-on-one training, so if you haven’t started hiring admins and extra trainers to help you out then you should start now.

Your staff should take care of the 95%, the extra work that isn’t making you money. Focus on your 5%, the closing and marketing, and let your staff take care of the rest.

The trick here is to hire slowly. Starting out a business is stressful and you want to get Dollarphotoclub_72333047employees as quickly as possible. But think of all the time and money you’re wasting every time you have to retrain a new hire because you hired too quickly.

Take your time when hiring new people. Make sure their vibe is good and that they have the work ethic you need. And if they aren’t working? Fire them quickly. Don’t waste your time waiting around hoping the situation will get better. This is your business and you don’t have time to sit around hoping you won’t have to hurt an employee’s feelings. If they aren’t furthering your business, it’s time to let them go.

Know, Like and Trust

I’ve said this before: you need your prospects to know, like and trust you before they’re going to buy from you. Do you think people buy Fit Body Boot Camp locations just because I ask them to? No.

They become owners because I am someone that they know and trust in this industry. I’ve established myself as a fitness business expert and created my own human billboards by requesting testimonials from my top-performing FBBC owners.

You need to do the same thing in your town. When you can get people in your community to know, like and trust you as a business owner and trainer then they’ll happily give you money.

Establish yourself first, build up a client base of people willing to go and be human billboards for you. There are several ways to get personal training clients for cheap, and if you utilize them more clients will come organically.

This will also help with local businesses. When you can establish yourself with the businesses around you they’ll be more willing to help. Whether that’s by advertising your boot camp in exchange for you advertising their business, or doing cross promotions online, the know, like and trust factor will boost your standing amongst everyone in your community.

And this is something you should always be focusing on, not just when you’re starting a fitness boot camp.

If you want to learn more, go ahead and watch my video on how to start a fitness boot camp business.

Committed to your success,