Is It Time to Quit Your Job and Start a Fitness Business?

Someone recently asked me, “I’ve been a personal trainer for 13 years. I’ve been working of the man and now I want to go out and work on my own business. I’ve got this vision, but my family’s not behind me. They’re afraid that I might fail. What do I do with this fear that I’m experiencing?”

Look, it’s not easy to transition from working for the man to being the owner of your own business. You just have to start with baby steps.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your fitness business be. But when you invest in the long-term process, you up your chances for success and stable growth.


This Is NOT Your Do-or-Die Moment

This gentleman told me that this year is his do-or-die moment.

Now, first of all, I have to stop him right there. There is no specific do-or-die moment. Don’t put that much pressure on yourself that this one day, this one year is your specific day or year to make it. That’s a lot of pressure, man, if you don’t make it, then you’re gonna feel like you were defeated, even though most businesses take a lot longer to succeed than you would imagine, .

This is not your do-or-die moment. I hope that you can overcome your fear. I hope that you can stop listening to the critics and to the doubters and start focusing on the thing that you want to do, which is to help more people with the solution that you’ve discovered.

But the reality is you’re not dealing with fear. You’ve built up the anticipation so much that you’re starting to feel paralysis by over-analysis.


How to Transition Out of the 9-5


Instead, I want you to cut your work hours in half and start spending time training clients outside of that big box gym that you work for. Eventually, you’re gonna cut your other half of your work away and start working full-time on your business. That could be six months or a year from now. You might even pay someone to work for you.

But two years from now, you’re gonna open up your own location. It doesn’t have to be a 5000 square foot location. It doesn’t have to be the do-or-die location. It just has to be a 1500 or 2000 square foot location that you can pay rent for.

That might end up becoming your home. This is where your clients come to get results and you just focus on serving them. Later on, you can expand to a 4000, 5000 square foot location.


To Sum It All Up…

The biggest thing I want to share with you here is one, there is no big do-or-die moment. Don’t build up the anticipation and the fear so much that you feel overwhelmed by it. Number two, you’ve gotta stop listening to the critics. I know they mean the best for you, but you’ve gotta stop listening to them and their fear-based doubts. Lastly, you’ve gotta start taking small pieces of action every day.

I don’t want you to go quit your job today and go sign a lease tomorrow. I just want you to go find two clients that you can train outside of the big box gym on your own, where you make 100% of the money from them. Then in the next month, find two more. Then the next month, find two more.

Slowly you phase away your job and you get into entrepreneurship, and life becomes a whole lot better.


Committed to your success,