The 5 Ways Fitness Pros Are Capturing Leads Through Instagram

Instagram is the big 800 pound gorilla these days.  It wasn’t just a couple of years ago, but it is today.

That’s why you have to make sure that you’re on top of it.

Instagram designed their whole platform for you to post short bits of information at a time—one minute videos or less, pictures, and of course 15-second storylines.

You want quick, digestible pieces of content to position you as the “who”. If you’re the person who is known to help people lose weight and get fit, then you’re gonna make more money than all the other fitness businesses combined.

I’m going to teach you the Instagram “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” rule. You’re gonna get leads, prospects, and clients all day long when you follow this program.


5 Instagram Stories

I want you to post 5 Instagram stories a day.

Pull up your Instagram, go to your story section, and, as your clients are working out, shoot a quick little thing. Nothing crazy, just who you are, what you’re doing right now, and why you’re doing it.

Say, “Hey guys, this is Bedros Keuilian at Fit Body Boot Camp Chino Hills. We’re doing some planks right now. They help my clients get firmer, flatter abs. You want more information, just look me up.”

Boom. Real quick, fun.

This gives people a peek into your life and positions you as the expert and authority in your niche.


4 Original Posts

Next, post pictures or one minute videos four times a day.

You decide whether you want to do a one-minute video, a 30-second video, or a picture with some kind of motivational message.

Remember: You post these to your feed, NOT your story.


3 Instagram Live Videos

Three times a day, go live on Instagram.

Instagram live videos used to disappear the moment you stopped recording. Now, they stick around for an entire 24 hours, which means you can get a lot of longevity out of those videos.

You might say, “Hey guys, this is Bedros Keuilian here at Fit Body Boot Camp Chino Hills, and right now I want to tell you the number one thing you can do to make sure you don’t eat fattening foods this weekend.”

Just dive into a mindset topic, or teach them how to avoid high carb or high fat foods when they’re at restaurants.


2 Visits to My Page

Watch my Instagram footage twice a day.

Make sure that you follow me on Instagram, because I do everything I’m teaching you here. Twice a day, watch my videos, watch my stories, and feel free to comment and send me a direct message.

I will reply back 9 out of 10 times. Please don’t get pissed that one time I don’t.


1 Shared Video

Finally, take any one of my videos, or a video from someone who inspires you on Instagram, and share that video with your followers.

Instagram, just like Facebook, is a social media platform. Sharing a video is more powerful than ever.

Just pick one video each day and share it on your Instagram network, so more people can be inspired by the people that you look up to and believe in.