Your New Go-To Program for Referrals

I once consulted a guy with 26 semi-private small group clients. Nothing out of the blue.

He asked me a pretty standard question too: “What would be the best way to utilize my fitness clients to bring in more business?”

So why even bring this up? It’s because of the unique solution I had for his problem—one you can use to reign in referrals in droves.

The Fitness Ambassador Contest

My solution was to run a fitness ambassador contest. I would start with that.

But first, do you have FitPro Newsletter?

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Okay. Go into FitPro Newsletter in the free broadcasts section. One of them is the fitness ambassador contest.

It’s a six-week contest. While it is a transformation contest, the whole goal is to see who can get the most points…

So you tell your clients that one of them will become your fitness ambassador.

They’ll be the new face of your marketing. You’re gonna have a poster made of them and get them a full-on makeover. The makeover, the local businesses will provide that for you. The hair salon will do the hair…you’ll just barter that out in exchange for promoting them.

And so during the six weeks, they get points. The person with most points at the end of the six weeks wins.

They get points for posting every day on Facebook about how awesome your workouts are. For week one, have them do push-ups in one minute or body weight squats in one minute. If they do 50 today but at the end of the six weeks they do 55, they get five extra points, right? And then you might do a point for each pound.

So, there’s three or four ways to get points, and we have them marked on the email sequence for you.

Now here’s the hook: for every person they refer to you, they get two points.

And in that six weeks, whoever refers the most people to you, loses the most weight, and does the most push-ups and body weight squats will win the ambassador contest.

Because the biggest way to get points is through referrals, they’re going to work their ass off to get you referrals. That’s earned my coaching clients a good amount of leads in a short period of time, and you can make that promotion offer to your prospect list as well.

Just pull five to ten people from there, and those people will pay. We have the price point in the email sequence as well.

Now you’ll not only make money from this, but you’ll have a bunch of people sending you traffic.


Committed to your success,