Never Let Your Emails Go Unread Again (Part 2)

If you could choose just one type of marketing to use in your personal training business, do you know what it would be?

I know exactly what I’d choose. In fact, in just a moment I’m going to tell you why I’d only choose this one fitness marketing tactic over all others—one the top 1% of our industry knows about and is using to grow their personal training studios and boot camps right now.

Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush and tell you what it is. It’s email marketing. But all email marketing is not the same. See, most fitness trainers will subscribe to a commercially available email broadcast service provider, then they’ll add a “join our newsletter” box on their website and hope for the best.

That type of email marketing is outdated and destined to fail. An email list doesn’t mean anything if it’s small and unresponsive. Also keep in mind that you probably don’t have time to write emails and newsletters and broadcasts each and every week, and even if you do, you might not know what to write, how to write them, and how to get leads and clients from them.

But all of that is about to change because I’m going to show you how to write compelling and content-rich emails that will engage your audience and move them to action. And at the end of this post, I’ll show you how you can automate all of your email marketing so you never have to write another email broadcast or promotion ever again.

Sound good?


How to Write the Best Subject Lines

You’ve got to get your emails opened. If they’re not opened, they’re not going to get read. This means you’ve got to know how to craft compelling subject lines.

Imagine your email subject line is a headline to a article in the newspaper, or maybe a headline on a sales letter, or maybe even the title on the cover of a book.

Now here’s the formula to crafting a subject line that gets opened. Number one, the headline has to be curiosity provoking. Number two, it has to be benefit-driven. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Curiosity-provoking: “My weird little ritual.” Now that’s a subject line that I recently used and got a really high open rate with. Another one I recently used was, “I’m sorry I have to do this :(.” And yet another curiosity-provoking subject line is, “An embarrassing story (about me).”

A benefit-driven subject line might say, “The number one fat-burning food” or, “How to double your workout results” or, “7 fat-loss tips you didn’t know about.”

You can find some great inspiration for subject lines on sites like,, and


The “Star, Story, Solution” Formula

How do you craft emails for the best response possible? You learn to tell stories.

See, people learn best from stories, so it only makes sense to write emails in story form. You’re going to use what I call the “star, story, solution” formula to do this.

Say that you want to craft an email to promote a nutrition seminar taking place next weekend. Here’s what you would do…

First off, talk about a client who’s gotten amazing results training with you. That client is your star. Tell your email list all about your client, about who she is, what she does, what her life was like before your program, what challenges she faced, and the results she’s gotten since training with you. That’s your story.

Now you can imagine that by this point your readers feel connected to your star and sucked in by their story. They might even relate to her problems, challenges, and lifestyle. So finally, you let the readers in on the big secret. The secret is that this client had tried everything to lose weight and get into better shape, but nothing worked—that is, until she came to one of your free nutrition seminars, From that point on, her life would change forever.

After setting that up, just pitch your programs. Show your list that they too can do the stuff that helped your client lose weight. Make sure they can register for your nutrition seminar by either calling, emailing, or clicking on the link you provide. That’s the solution—your call to action.

That’s what we call a promotional email, meaning you’re selling or offering something. But you can’t send out promotional emails all the time or you’re going to burn out your list. That’s why it’s important to send out high-value, content-rich emails and newsletters.

Here’s my rule of thumb: for every four content-rich emails you send out, you can send out one promotional email. By sending out content-rich emails every week, you’ll build authority and credibility. Those two things will get your list to know, like, and trust you, and that’s when people will really begin to buy from you and refer others to you.


How to Automate All Those Emails

Imagine if there was a fitness marketing system that sent a professionally-crafted email newsletter out to your list of prospects, clients, and former clients weekly.

Then imagine if each and every newsletter was packed with awesome content related to health, fitness, and fat loss, including a fitness tip of the week and a healthy and delicious recipe.

Let’s even say that each newsletter came with a built-in refer-a-friend link.

And what if this system was loaded with a ton of different email promotions crafted by me, designed to get your phone to ring and your email inbox to explode with interested leads?

Can you see how this could totally change the way you market your fitness business?

Now, the system I’m talking about is FitPro Newsletter, the ultimate list-building and email marketing system for fitness professionals. It’s what thousands of fitness trainers all over the world are using to automate their email marketing, list building, referral generation, and client reactivation. business-cloud-point-300x300-1MBo0U.jpg

That’s right. With a click of a button, you can send out pre-crafted promotions, ones only available to my coaching and mastermind clients, to your entire list. It’s like having me running your entire fitness marketing campaign.

And no decent system like this would be complete without ready-to-use list building reports, eBooks, opt-in forms, and popups to use on your website. Basically, I’ve put the entire list building process on steroids.

But there’s more to it than that…

With a simple click of a button, your weekly automatic newsletter will post to your Twitter account. That means you get more leads, prospects, and clients through your doors.

I also offer FitPro Magazine, a content rich, interactive, and personalized online magazine that informs and educates clients, generates qualified leads, delivers more targeted website traffic, turns website visitors into raving fans, and boosts client retention big time.

FitPro Magazine gives you instant authority and credibility in your niche. It’s interactive and educational content, and it’s a completely custom-branded magazine that you can put on your website, with your look and feel.

I want you to join thousands of personal trainers, boot camp operators, and top celebrity trainers who trust FitPro Newsletter to get more clients, generate referrals, and increase client retention automatically. Click here to learn more about FitPro Newsletter and to activate your membership today.


Committed to your success,



PS: Even though email marketing is the most reliable, cost-effective, and proven marketing tactic out there, I’m still a big believer in having multiple poles in the water at all times, because that’s what builds a strong marketing foundation. In other words, don’t put all your eggs into one marketing basket.