How Up-Selling Products Online Will Enhance Your Business

All right, you’ve got this idea to create an online business. Maybe you’re an expert at something, or you have a service that you can reach the masses with.

Whatever expertise idea that you have, you’re going to want to sell it online. You’re probably wondering how the hell do I do this? I’m going to tell you how I do it, and make eight figures a year doing it.

Thing number one is, you’ve got the idea. Now that’s great, but most people go from idea to product creation. That is the big cardinal mistake that I don’t want you to make.

Here’s why: Once you have the idea, the next thing you’re going to do is to focus on the sales message.

Whatever you put in the sales message to persuade, influence, and move people into buying the product can now go into the actual product creation.

See, if you created the product first, then the big mistake here is that you are now having to write a sales message that may not be congruent to the product.

But if you just make a killer sales message or video sales letter, then you build your product around that sales message. Then, it becomes a perfect congruent match. That’s secret number one.

Thing number two is when most people go to create a product, they just create their front end product. That’s cool, you do want a front end product.

Whatever that front end product is, when people buy it, they’re not necessarily satisfied. Your job as an online marketer is to make sure that you get as much money in as possible and deliver 10x the value in results to the buyer.

For example, if we’re selling some kind of an ebook or video training program here on the front end, you might want to have some other value ads to sell as an up-sell.

This is where many people miss out on the three up-sells.

Why is this important? Let’s say your front end product costs $69. That’s cool. People may give you 69 bucks, but did you keep 100% of that money? Probably not.

I’m guessing if you had affiliates mail out for you, they probably got the lion’s share of that money.  Or if you were doing some kind of marketing where you’re doing email drops, Facebook lead generation, running Google AdWord ads or even YouTube ads. Listen, that’s costing you money.

You’re not keeping 100% of the money that’s coming in, in which case, you’ve got to supplement your income with these up-sells. When people buy something, it has been scientifically proven that their desire has not been satisfied, it’s been agitated. They are more likely to take you up on the next three offers that you make.

Each of these up-sells needs to compliment the first front end product. Then, you need to make the front end product easier to digest so people go, “What should my up-sells be? I put everything in my front end product.”

Go back to your front end product and go, “Hey, are there things that I can take out and use as up-sells that would make the front end product easier, faster, more done-for-you, to use?”

If the answer is yes, then you’ve got built-in up-sells where now you’re going beyond just making 69 bucks on your front end product.

Guess what? Now if you have affiliates, affiliates are even more motivated to mail out for you because they’re going to make more money from those up-sells.

If you’re running Facebook ads or Google or YouTube ads, you have more money to out-market your competition.

That’s lesson number two: never make a front end product without having up-sells in place that add tremendous value, speed, and done-for-you-ness (is that a word?) to the front end product. If you can do that, you’re a winner.

The third lesson I’m going to give you here on how to create an online business is this: Most people stop at the front end product and the up-sells. They go, “Hey, you know what? I got a pretty good thing going here.”

That’s not good enough.

The real money is made on the backend. Remember, our job is to take that front end product and funnel people into a flagship product.

I’ll give you an example: I’ve got a front end product called Close Clients, it’s $97 and I teach people how to sell belly to belly, face to face. It’s one of my best selling products. It also has an up-sell just like we talked about.

So let’s say I have something for $97; once people go through this funnel, they are now part of an automated conveyor belt of automation emails, a.k.a auto-responders. There’s also, by the way, triggers of applications and stuff where they can actually purchase a $2,000 course from me, which is my flagship product.

Now for me, it doesn’t even stop there, because now that $2,000 product has another automated conveyor belt type process that leads people through educational-based selling and into a coaching program.

For me, a coaching program is a $9,000 eight week program. I would be willing to spend 100% of my front end money to get the customer in to Close Clients, even with the up-sells.

I would be willing to spend up to $200 to get a client in that my competitor couldn’t because I’m going to move those people into a high end course for $2,000.

Now I’m not going to move everybody, but I’m going to move some of those people into a $2,000 course, and then from there I’m going to move them into a $9,000 coaching program for eight weeks.

At each level, while I get less people to come onboard, I make more money. And the people coming onboard get greater value that’s more specific to their wants and needs. I hope that makes sense to you. You’re probably wondering, who is this model for? Listen, if you’re a coach or a consultant of any type, this is for you.

That’s exactly what I am. I’m a coach and a consultant. If you’re an information marketer, like a personal trainer, or chiropractor, and want to teach people to stop smoking, you’re going to have a front end training program or ebook. This model is for you because everything can move to an ascension ladder of higher level service for a higher dollar amount taken.

This has worked for me and over 300 of my private coaching clients who are making seven, and multiple seven, figures across many industries. This model works, and it works because it’s a systematic process that gives you a better understanding of how you’re going to come up with an idea.

Then, it’s up to you, if you’re a coach or a consultant, if you want to move people into a higher level  program for multi thousand dollars.

Committed to your success,