Laser Target Your Facebook Audience with These 3 Tips

Dude, you need to laser target your Facebook audience if you want to convert them to paying clients. Target goal trigger

Facebook’s getting more strict with ad guidelines and charging more for clicks than ever before – so if you’re doing any kind of fitness marketing on Facebook then you really gotta spend that money wisely

A lot of newbie marketers think that marketing is just a matter of blasting your name and logo EVERYWHERE and hoping the law of averages will magically get you some leads.

That may have worked (sorta) back in 2009, but today Facebook marketing is super cut throat and intricate.

And don’t even get crazy and think about buying “likes” on Facebook… the last time I checked you can’t take “likes” to the bank.

Technically, you can do that…if you don’t mind blowing your entire budget on a fan page that has a bunch of likes but delivers no leads.

You’re smart, you’ve been paying attention to this blog, and you think you’re already targeting your audience. But there a few little tweaks and hacks that you can make that will really increase your client getting outcome.

You’re already crafting your Facebook ads like a master.

You’re already qualifying and attracting your leads with direct response marketing and low barrier offers.

But are you laser targeting your audience?

Because honestly, if you aren’t laser targeting those ads, you might as well save yourself the money and stop running them.

So, because I want you to succeed, I’m going to give you three Facebook hacks to maximize your Facebook ad targeting and get more qualified leads and clients.

Tip #1 – Pay Attention to Zip Codes


By default, Facebook will blast your ads out in a radius around your business location.

Don’t let them!

Whenever you run an ad on Facebook, make sure you turn on the option to choose specific zip codes for your targeting.


Let’s take a step back to when you crafted the ad…did you or did you not take into account the demographics of your audience?

Didn’t you keep in mind whether you’re targeting men or women?

Didn’t you consider the age range of your most likely prospects?

Didn’t you consider the income level most likely to sign up for your program?

Of course you did!

Now guess what?

All those demographic factors are going to decide which zip codes you should target.

Happy family portrait in front of houseThis is where you’ll want to do a little research. Look at all the zip codes within a five-mile radius of your business. What are the average income levels? Who lives in each area (families? College kids? Retired folks?) and are they part of your target demographic?

Depending on your location, this tiny bit of extra planning can make or break the results of your ad.

You’d be amazed how much variation there is between zip codes…and if you somehow target a zip code that isn’t right for you? That’s just money down the drain.

So do your research and target zip codes, not just a radius and then when you do.. slice and dice that zip code up by ideal age, gender, marital status and income. The more targeted your ad campaigns the lower the cost of your marketing and the better the quality of leads you get.

Tip #2 – Work That Email List


Remember that email list you’ve been building up?

The one that’s the key part of your marketing strategy?

The one you’ve been winning over with you FitPro account?

What, did you think you had to leave that aside just because you’re advertising on Facebook?

Guess again.

Here’s what you’re going to do: when you’re creating your ad in Ads Manager, go to the box that lets you create a custom audience. You should find an option there that lets you upload your own email list.

Here comes the cool part!

Once Facebook has your email list, it will match up those emails to all your prospects personal profiles and include them in your targeting.

Now you may be thinking that you don’t need to advertise on Facebook to people already on your email list. After all, you already have a direct line to their inbox, right?Laptop with envelopes coming out of the screen

Guess again (again). 

Just because you have someone’s email doesn’t mean you have their front of mind awareness. That comes from the Know, Like, and Trust factor, but it also comes from them seeing your name in multiple different contexts.

Think about it: if all they ever get from you are emails, then in their mind you’re nothing but a little line of text in their inbox. But once they see you in their inbox, on their Facebook, and on your landing page, you become more than just words.

You become a friend and a trusted authority.

You become a brand.

And your words become a message.

And here’s another bonus for you… when you upload your email addresses of your clients and prospects onto Facebook you can even ask Facebook to show your ads to “like audiences”. This means that Facebook will figure out what all of your clients have in common and find others like them in your area and show your ads to them.


So make sure you put that email list to work!

Tip #3 – Bid High 


Ever stopped to think about why Facebook calls your ad payments “bids”?

It’s because Facebook’s advertising system is quite literally an auction. When you give Facebook an ad to run and you choose your desired result (clicks, engagement, etc.) you are competing against every other advertiser on Facebook for those results.

As you might imagine, this process is massively complicated. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure it out. Just let them optimize for engagement (likes, shares, etc.) and let them take it from there.



There is one important thing you should keep in mind…

Bid auctionJust like in a traditional auction, Facebook will only charge you for the results you actually get. Also like a traditional auction, you have to out-bid other people to win.

But what this means on Facebook is that you’ll never actually pay the total amount of your bid.

Somewhere in that big complicated mess of optimization and algorithms, you will always lose the occasional click or engagement to another bidder. You can reduce this number by bidding high…but it will never completely go away.

Now if you bid low or even modestly, you’re just asking all the other advertisers to steal your results.

Worry about bidding too low, not too high, on your Facebook ads.

Besides…if Facebook ends up using most of your bid, that means your ad is driving results…

…which means you’re laser targeting your audience.

…which means you’re ready to go deeper and dominate your market.

Committed to your success,


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