This is When the Lions Eat (Are You a Lion?)

Traditionally, the fitness industry takes a dip between now and the end of the year.

And it gets me thinking…

Life is so full of ups and downs. You could almost think of them like seasons.

Sure, the ups and downs are different for everybody. I’ve had down periods that lasted anywhere from a few hours to several years.

And I’m sure when you think of the most triumphant moments in your life, they are the same way. Sometimes really short, sometimes really long.lion lady

And in both cases the reason why could be all sorts of things…

…but the most important thing, the thing that separates LIONS from the sea mediocrity, is how you react to the down seasons.

So like I said, this is a down season for most fitness businesses.

That’s why part of me LOVES this time of year. This is when I can look out across the industry and figure out who the true operators are.

Because if you can keep growing your businesses and reaching more people now, then you’ve got what it takes to win the long game.

True, a lot of businesses are slowing down right now, and that does suck.


This doesn’t happen to members of my Fitness Business Ignition program or my 7 Figure Formula mastermind members.

They actually grow their businesses and get more clients between now and New Year’s Day…

…but, sadly, the rest of our industry seems to suffer in this last quarter of the year and business for most trainers tends to come to a screeching halt as the year comes to a close.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

That’s why I wanted to share this list of 14 smart client-getting and business-boosting tactics with you so that you can make the rest of this year more profitable than the previous 9 months!

1. Don’t cut back on marketing. Go harder…double and triple down on your most proven marketing tactics.

Now is the time to invest more in your list building, Facebook marketing, and referral generation. No one has ever built an empire by saving money.

2. Commit to becoming better at selling. Increase your closing percentage, sell bigger training programs, and overcome more objections so that you don’t lose the deal. Here’s how.

3. Make referral giving a condition of doing business with you. Let every new client know that you expect them to refer their friends and family to you as you help them achieve their fitness and fat loss goals.

4. Pump out more social proof, before and after pictures, and client testimonials. Seeing is believing, so show your community the lives you’re changing.

Live message

5. Go Live! Video is the game changer right now. Go live on Facebook and show your community what a great workout looks like.

6. Commit to building your email list by a minimum of 90 new prospects each month. Build your email list, get them to love you, and make them low barrier offers. Here’s How To Build Your Email List

7. Stop focusing on what the competition is doing and start focusing on what you’re good at and how you’ll exceed your client’s expectations.

8. Work on you. Have a few pounds to lose? Hop to it man and get your a$$ back into shape! Don’t kid yourself. No one wants to train with a fat trainer. AND…you’re not going to feel authentic when you’re out of shape and you’re trying to sell better health and fitness.

Practice what you preach. Dial it in and become a walking billboard and represent your brand well.

9. Who has your future clients? What other businesses in your area are selling products and services to your future clients?

How can you get these businesses to promote, endorse, and become advocates of your fitness business?

10. Give to get. When was the last time you sent out a hand written thank you card to your best clients?

When was the last time you sent your best clients a “thank you” text message and really showed appreciation and gratitude?

You gotta give to get, dude.

11. Get your existing clients to buy more from you. Sell them more training, add another training session per week, sell them supplements and nutritional coaching to help them achieve their desired results better/faster.

12. Run a referral generation contest with your existing clients to encourage them to refer more of their friends and family. Referrals are easy to close, they buy bigger programs, and they cost you much less in marketing dollars. Kind of a no-brainer!

13. Reactivate your inactive clients. Launch a 28 day re-activation program and go ‘monster follow up’ on them by texting, emailing, Facebooking and calling them with genuine appreciation and offers that are too good to refuse.

14. Run a 10 week transformation challenge starting November 1st for existing clients (to keep them from even thinking about leaving)…

…and run one for prospects so that you can bring in new paying clients and go into the new year guns blazing!

Honest question: are you just reading this to pass the time, or are you going to take these no-brainer tactics I just gave you and go get more clients?

I won’t judge either way. You can do whatever you want.

I will tell you this though…

When a lion sees its prey, it is absolutely relentless. It doesn’t stop to strategize. It doesn’t procrastinate. It just chases, and it uses its instincts to figure things out mid-charge.

And THAT is why lions eat when everyone else is starving.

lion cubSo let me ask you again…

Are you a lion?

(Okay, maybe you’re not a full grown lion yet, but even if you’re a lion cub that’s pretty impressive and I want to help you out.)

Want me to help you explode your business over the next few months? Join me in my Fitness Business Ignition coaching program. For the next 3-days you can get on board for just $10. <= Yet another no-brainer! 😉

Committed to your success,