The Low Down From Fitness Business Summit ’14

This past weekend set the bar to a whole new level in our industry. Those aren’t my words; those are the words of dozens of fitness pros who attended the sold out Fitness Business Summit ’14 in Orange County, CA.

Now, if you were one of the 600 plus attendees at FBS14 then this blog post is going to be like a walk down memory lane for you. If you missed FBS14 then you’ll want to consider picking up the video footage from Fitness Business Summit ’14 when it comes out next week.

Before we dive into the highlights of FBS14 – check out what a few of the personal trainers who attended had to say…

Fitness Business Summit 2014.
It all started off on Friday morning when I took the stage and talked about the #1 factor that 99% of all entrepreneurs miss out on which is GSD or “getting shit done”. This has everything to do with your mindset, how you handle fear and set backs. You can’t get shit done if you’re focusing on the wrong things or if you let negative thoughts and negative people control your thoughts. And, more importantly, you can’t grow your business if you can’t get shit done because you’re too busy procrastinating and wasting time.

Now, about the fear factor… A lot of people operate on the basis of fear, which drives negativity and leads to self-sabotage.

This type of negativity won’t help you concentrate on the things you need to do to get your business up and running, so it’s best to limit your interaction with crabs and negative people in general. Fact is most people have crabs in their lives – the negative people who love to you’re your dreams. These people might be friends, family members, and loved ones so it might be tough to cut them out of your life, but you should still focus on limiting your exposure to their toxic ways and just focus on Getting Shit Done!

Randy Couture – “Perseverance and Success”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Randy is a really cool cat. I had the pleasure of working with him whiling filming for a reality show that’s going to air on spike TV sometime this year. There’s a lot you can learn from 6X UFC world champion. For one, he made a good point when he said that if he was really that good he would have been a one-time world champion and then kept the title for a long time.

But to become a 6x world champion means you must have lost the title at least five time. The point of this is to NEVER GIVE UP. Everyone has to face adversity and challenges at some point in their life, whether it has to do with their personal life or their business, and it’s how you face it that makes all the difference.

Adversity is what will make you a better person and a better business owner so it’s important to keep your head held high and to keep going no matter what gets thrown your way.

Anyone can achieve their full potential if they’ve got a burning desire to succeed and be the best.

Don’t do it for the money. You have to have a passion and a love for what you’re doing and the business you’re running or you’ll have a difficult time reaching success.

Martin Rooney – “The Warrior Trainer Extreme!”

Fitness Business Summit 2014.Mistakes. We all hate to make them, but it’s what you can take away from them that makes everything fall together in all the right places. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes in the things you want to do with your life, then you just aren’t trying hard enough. And don’t just learn from your own mistakes- read about those you admire and learn what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

When it comes to training your clients, you’ve got to “lose the wooden teeth” and be the trainer that your clients look up to and follow. Look the part, be the part, keep you mind strong. Be the example!

Would you go to a dentist with wooden teeth? A hairdresser with a mop top? No, because if they can’t take care of themselves then they sure as heck can’t take care of you. Look the part and practice what you preach- always. Get excited and share that passion with your clients.

Dr. Peter Osborne – “How to Create, Run, and Manage Your Fitness Business From the Ground Up”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

The long and the short of it is this: there’s no quick fixes in life and in business, you’ve got to be willing to work your ass off in order to get exactly what you want. Look, there are people out there who are helpless, crying themselves to sleep at night because they are hurting- they need your expertise to help them lose weight, get healthy, and feel better and if you’re not in business you can’t solve their problems.

Want the simple steps for REAL fitness business success? It’s this: developing a niche and claiming your expertise, understanding the perception of value and charging what you’re worth, educating yourself and your clients, delivering superior results, and using technology to leverage your time. These six things right here are the exact recipe for success and that’s how Peter Osborne created his 7-figure empire.

Cody Sipe – “How to Tap Into the Most ‘Perfect’ Storm Ever in Fitness History”

Fitness Business Summit 2014.If you haven’t found your niche, then maybe this is your calling: Mature Adults. It’s true that we’ve missed a huge market here. Mature and aging adults make a great niche because the population is growing older in huge numbers, the need for our health and fitness services are higher than ever before, and they have more disposable income than most other adults. We are actually doing ourselves and our business a disservice by neglecting to cater to this amazing market who has the ability to pay and the desire to live a long healthy life. Tap into this market and become the expert they’re looking for.

The best way to do this is to get educated on training older adults, connect with them on their level – they’ll appreciate it and love you for it and they’ll refer their friends to you as well. Appeal to their love of their kids and grandkids and show them how fitness will help them spend more time with their loved ones comfortably without pain. That’s the strategy that Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie use in their training center that earns nearly a million dollars a year and specializes in training older adults.

Craig Ballantyne – “How to Double Your Profits with Online Info Marketing”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Anybody can make money online with an online info product- and a lot of it too. Info product creation has a lot to do with putting yourself in your client’s shoes. What’s going to benefit them?

What problem can your product solve?

What do they need to know to get better results, to eat better, to do more physically?

Whatever it is you’ve got to know your market intimately and get something out there that they can cling to. Something that will solve their most pressing problems.

Listen, it’s way easier to sell a product if people want it. You can narrow down your marketing message even before you create your product. In fact, it’s a lot more profitable to do it this way. Don’t just create something that you think people want, see if there is a demand for it- then go to work.

Cabel McElderry – “The Blueprint to Creating a 7 Figure Fitness Business”

Fitness Business Summit 2014.Want to know the real secret to creating a seven figure fitness business? Systems, systems, and more systems. Having a system set up for every single thing in your business will not only make your life a lot easier, it will set you up for long term success. Prioritize and find your “magic time”- that special time of day where you are most productive and protect it like crazy.

How healthy is your business now? How often do you check your metrics and try to improve them? You’re missing out on tons of money if you’re not making the effort to track your sales, records, testimonials, and gross profit margin. These are just a few things that you should be keeping your eyes on if you want to go from the ranks of armature fitness business owner to a pro.

Mark Costes – “How to Transition From Your Offline Business to an Online Business in 12 Months or Less”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Never ever, ever become a slave to your business. If your business is not delivering the lifestyle and outcome that you desire want, then you’ve got to change something. More often than not it’s about kicking everything into high gear and getting the right shit done.

Keep a time journal and record everything you do for the next three days and track where you’re spending the most time. What 20% of your activities are responsible for bringing in 80% of your revenue? Only focus on high value activities that deliver the outcome you want and fulfill your passion, hire someone to take care of the rest.

The information to turn your offline business into a booming online info business is out there for free- you can go and Google it right now, but there’s no accountability, no coaching, and no community to ensure you’re getting the right shit done. Realize that it can be done and build an accountability group or hire a mentor to coach you along. Model after success and you will become successful.

Josh Carter – “Facebook: How to Use It to Generate Leads and Traffic”

Fitness Business Summit 2014.Marketing on Facebook is a great, cost effective way to generate leads and traffic. Most major companies are using Facebook as their sole advertising platform because they know that it’s where they’re customers are spending most of their time. And you are spending most of their time there too.

About your Facebook fan page… How you communicate with your “fans” makes a big difference. Start talking to them as if they are your friends- individualize and reply back to those who take the time to comment and talk to you.

Post things that you wouldn’t mind sharing. Try not to be so controversial that you turn people off of you entirely. Post great content and testimonials of your best, most transformed clients. Learn the ins and outs of using a Facebook Fan Page and use it to your advantage.

Sonya Gonzales – “How to Become a Successful Fit Body Boot Camp Owner”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Sonya’s story is simply amazing- she went from living paycheck to paycheck, losing her home and car with no where to go, and sleeping on a friend’s couch to a hugely successful Fit Body Boot Camp owner with multiple locations.

This is her formula for success…

She took massive action and learned that she didn’t have to do everything on her own. Proximity is power and hiring a fitness business coach taught her that it’s important to hold yourself accountable for the things that you are and are not getting done.

You have to manage yourself first before you can manage other people. Have a passion for your clients and the community you’re serving and your Fit Body business will go far.

Linda Dominguez – “Between the Lines: Decoding Prospect’s Body Language and Personality”

Fitness Business Summit 2014.Linda is like a physiotherapist for corporate 500 companies. When I hired her to help my HQ take our game to the next level I was blown away with how she broke each of us down into personality types and helped us understand how to make each other more efficient.

As it turns out, this this is a BIG thing with your clients and prospects too. It makes a big difference whether or not the prospect that you’re meeting with is an introvert or an extrovert.

Learning how to read people is an extremely useful skill when selling, especially if you’re selling fitness.

One way you can learn how to read people better is through understanding what is called a DISC assessment. DISC is like a personality profile system that helps break down how people function, think, process and act on information. DISC stands for dominance, influence, steadiness, compliance. Knowing where someone falls on this scale will help to make a much better and easier going sales consultation.

Sean Barker – “From Small Town Miner to Super Successful Fitness Business Owner”Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Behind every successful fitness business owner is a reason WHY. Why do you want to start a fitness business? For your family? To help your community live better? To change lives? Having an external reason that drives you helps you get through the tough times that you’ll ultimately face in business.

Got big dreams? You’ve got to make a plan for it and stick to that plan no matter what. Keep pushing towards your goals and have a vision for what you want out of life and out of your business. It all comes down to getting off your ass and not letting life get in the way. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to jump onto something- just do it now.

For me, these were some of the big take-a-ways from the presenters at Fitness Business Summit ’14.

Sure there was a TON of great actionable information shared on how to drive traffic from Facebook, YouTube and local businesses, and how to generate boatload of client referrals as well as how to sell big ticket, high dollar training program programs.

But the BIG message sent loud and clear was to get out of your own way and just Get Shit Done.