How to Use Status to Get More Personal Training Clients

Why do so many people buy Hummers?

I mean, the interior isn’t that comfortable. The gas mileage is pretty awful, right?

Yet people STILL rave about buying that new Hummer straight off the lot…

What makes a Hummer different? It’s the status it brings you.

Let’s face it: driving a Hummer makes you feel like a BOSS. It’s the car that celebrities would drive all the time in the mid 2000’s. Heck, for many people, the Hummer is still the coolest car in the world.

People want to feel important. They want to feel special when they drive their car…

They want to feel special when they dine in at a nice restaurant…

And of course, when it comes to working out they want to find the personal trainer that will make them feel like a rockstar…

The market for fitness is as packed as it’s ever been, man. If someone feels under-appreciated, if they feel like they’re not seeing the results they want, you best believe they’ll take their money and go to that Zumba class or that boot camp across the street…

Honestly, how do you blame them? They have every right to work out where they feel comfortable.

It’s YOUR job, as a personal trainer, to make it impossible for your clients to imagine working out with anyone else. You only do that with stellar results and personal care.

You already know that results are your bread and butter, so I’m not going over that today…

I want to give you the secrets to giving your clients an experience they won’t forget…EVERY TIME they train with you. I’m talking about how you can make a client feel like the baddest person in the room.

Really, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind.

In order to spoil your clients, you need to understand how they act and how they think.

Let me get back to that in a sec, because before you start selling personal training to Joe Schmoe, you need to know exactly what you’re selling.

You’re selling an experience, not a product.

Let me say that again: you’re selling an experience, not a product.

You can craft the perfect workout routine, one that will give your clients the bodies of Greek gods. Does that mean that every potential client in your area will be knocking down your doors to come work with you?

Simple answer: Of course not!

Results are only half of the story, my friend.

It brings me back to my point—your clients are coming to you for more than just training.

They want you to remember their name. They want you to make their workouts engaging and challenging. They want someone they can bounce their nutritional questions off of.

When they leave their session with you, they want to FEEL like that Greek god, not just look like one. That’s where you make them feel like a boss.

Think about it: even people like us—people who happily go to the gym and work out by our own choice—we walk in looking for a specific experience.

For us, we enjoy the independence and the challenge of designing our own workouts and putting in that time under tension…but unless you’re training bodybuilders, your clients probably don’t see the gym the same way.

In fact, your clients might be intimidated by the gym. They might be desperately looking for a service that can give them personal training-level results, but do it in an environment where they feel more at home.

Your clients come to you because they need something extra…they need ATTENTION. That’s not a bad thing, either.

What does “attention” boil down to? It’s all about making every part of their experience personal—even the smallest details.

Think of it this way: whatever your vision is—that includes the way you want to make your clients feel—for your personal training business, THAT should be present in everything you do.

Let’s take the boot camp franchise I own, Fit Body Boot Camp, for example…

We’ve got this awesome protocol in place that all our locations have to use. It’s designed to make each client feel like part of a special family.

When they start boot camp, they’re greeted in front of everyone. Our coaches remember their name right off the bat.

Plus, we even have coaches send clients personalized cards for things like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

We use lots of positive affirmation to motivate our clients. Each of our locations is its own “Fit Body Family”, so our clients pull for each like team members.

It doesn’t stop there. We add them to their location’s Facebook page so they can connect with their trainers and classmates outside of boot camp. We hook them up with some killer meal plans that make their weight loss journey that much easier. Our coaches even check in with their clients frequently to help them with anything they’re struggling with.

(And of course, this doesn’t just happen at random. We have a huge vault of systems and pre-written instructions so our owners can install these behaviors in their coaches reliably.)

What’s the common thread between all that?

Everything is designed with the client experience in mind.

That’s the mentality I want you to have. That’s what gets clients through the door.

You’d be surprised at how much a client’s decision-making is based off of the most random stuff. Really, something such as how well-groomed you are in your Facebook ads could be what convinces someone to try you out (or not)…

Or how much light there is during your workouts…

Or how much you smile…

Or how you phrase the first words you ever say to a client…

This isn’t to worry you. It’s to show you that small changes can take your business to the next level.

People always think that they’re one big idea away from transforming their business. You might get that idea every now and then…

…but the highest-performing entrepreneurs seek out both big ideas and small changes. They cover all their bases to make their clients happy.

THAT’S how you can take action today.

Do the things you know will make your clients happier. If that means spending a little extra coin, so be it. Consider it an investment that will pay back 1000% when your clients decide to stay with you and also refer their friends and family.Screen-Shot-2014-06-16-at-2.38.38-PM-285x300-FW9l1D.png

And when in doubt: test. There’s plenty of great advice out there about how to deliver better customer service, but you’ll never know what works for you until you’ve tested it yourself.

I would go as far as to split-test—whether that be switching which day of the week is leg day, or offering supplements to your clients AFTER a workout, as opposed to before—because you’ll get closer and closer to figuring out what works…

…and delivering a training experience that can’t be matched…

…and putting big ol’ grins on your clients’ faces…

…and becoming THE fitness experience your town will die to join.

Committed to your success,