Are You Doing What Makes You Happy?

This weekend is the perfect time for you to do this little exercise…

…and when you do it, you’ll have a better business because of it and because of that, you’ll have a better life – happier, stress free, a life of abundance.

There’s no pen, no paper, no white board or mind mapping software required.

All you need is you, some clarity, and your thoughts (and the three questions below).

I call it the “acid test” and it’s something I do about once each year.acid test

In a nutshell it’s a self check to see if what I’m doing NOW is what I want to be doing.

See, sometimes things just add up, or take a fork in the road, or change and you don’t even realize it until much much later.

You start off with one business… say one-on-one training, then before long you’re selling supplements, and doing meal planning… maybe you add some group training, boot camps and yoga…

…maybe you start offering cross fit style training, pilates, and massage services or speed and strength training.

And before long you somehow lost your core values and the reason your business was successful in the first place.

You got caught up in the trivial many and lost sight of the critical few things that really matter.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “do what’s popular”, but in the process you lose who you are.. your core values and the thing that differentiates you from everyone else.

I know a Cross Fit owner who started offering yoga, pilates, and massage services so that he could “service more of the community.”

When he was in a smaller facility he was profiting money hand over first and ONLY doing Cross Fit. He got a bigger facility, costs went up, and he added more services and now he’s struggling to break even each month.

Fit Body Boot Camp owners are not immune to it either. One FBBC owner went down a rabbit hole and decided to offer “higher end” training in the form of one-on-one sessions and small groups of 3-4 clients to add more revenue to his business.

His marketing message quickly turned to a “Chinese menu” and he lost his core message all while hiring more staff to deliver the new services (higher expense).

Thankfully, coach Fernando talked sense into him, got him to raise his boot camp rates and increase his closing percentage and profits went up the right way – – disaster averted.

I know a one-on-one trainer who was great at what he did and his income showed it. He started off in my coaching program when he was just getting by, but in short order we built up his business and profits.

But like many one-on-one trainers he was trading time for dollars (even though it was a LOT of dollars for the time he traded) and was getting burnt out.

Against my suggestion he decided to “scale” his business by offering small group training so that he could train more people in the same hour.

(See, he believed that no other trainer could deliver the kind of training that he could so to him it was pointless to hire more trainers to do one-on-one training, instead he switched from the training model he loved and believed in to one that he didn’t like but felt he should do anyway.)

Now, ordinarily I’m all for trainers going from one-on-one training to groups and boot camps.

However, he had always made it clear that he didn’t believe in group training or boot camps (which is why I never sold him a Fit Body Boot Camp location).
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 1.59.29 PM

Yet he transitioned his business to group training so that he could leverage himself (BIG lesson there: Don’t do what you don’t like).

My advice to him was the opposite; keep offering one-on-one training, however hire other trainers who you can teach to be just like you. This way you can scale your business still with the type of training you believe in without having to do all of the training yourself.

He stuck to his guns and went with the small group training (some coaching clients do that when they hit a little success… no different than when one of your clients decides they’re going to try a new diet even though the one you gave them was the one that delivered what results you got in the first place).

Anyhow, within six months we were back to the drawing board trying to figure out what went wrong with his business.

Fact is, he got away from his core competency and the value proposition that he once had went away.

It was a simple fix, hire good trainers and make them great at one-on-one training. Then he’d run the business and still keep a handful of clients he enjoyed training, and his staff of three trained everyone else.

Scale and leverage achieved!

Like I said, about once a year I give myself the acid test by asking myself these three questions…

1) Am I doing what makes me happy?
2) Can I dissolve, sell, outsource or shut down a business and become happier?
3) Are the things I’m doing each day within my core competency (natural abilities)?

None of the questions have to do with “what would make me more money”?

That’s because when I’m doing the things that make me happy, and have partners who I enjoy working with, and keep focused on my core competencies (natural abilities) I make all the money I want.

So my “lifestyle upgrade challenge” to you for this weekend is to asked yourself the three questions above and then put the answers to action in the upcoming week.

Committed to your success,

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