How To Market a Fitness Business In The Summer Time

Is there a secret to marketing your fitness business in the summer time?

Let’s be honest, in the summer time clients tend to get a little fickle, there seems to be more drop off than normal and that’s not good for your business and their results.

When their kids are out of school…their schedule changes… or so they claim 😉

Summer BBQ’s and get togethers seem to take priority over fitness…Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.56.18 PM

…and vacations end up taking your clients out of town which usually leads to crappy diets and excuses.

If your fitness business is affected by the summer time changes then here are a couple things you can do to keep your clients from dropping out in the summer time, get them to refer you more of their friends and neighbors, and to bring your summer time marketing back to life.

Thing #1 is to keep your clients from losing their focus and their priorities in the summer time.

What works best for my coaching clients and Fit Body Boot Camp owners is to introduce transformation challenges that last six to ten weeks and take place throughout the summer.

The two transformation contest programs that work really well are…

Fitness Game Changer

And the Fitness Ambassador Contest (which you can find in your FitPro Newsletter account)

Both of these are done-for-you programs which means all you have to do is send out the pre-crafted emails and your transformation contests are on their way.

Now, the Fitness Game Changer program is going to make you more money from your existing clients because it’s designed to be a challenge to your existing clients and involves more service and therefore you can charge more for it.

The Fitness Ambassador Contest is going to get you more referrals from your clients because I’ve crafted it to do two things… 1) to get your clients motivated to work harder and stay focused for the six weeks that you’ll run it.

2) and to encourage them to refer you their friends, family and co-workers during that six weeks because they’ll get points toward their end goal.

So choose the program with the outcome that you want most.

How to market a fitness business in the slow season

Thing #2 is to breathe new life into your summer time marketing so that you can get more leads and prospects.Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.58.54 PM

1) GroupOn and Living Social are great at getting you new leads anytime. But they work really well in the summer time for some reason so consider taking advantage of that fact.

Now, forget about the money you’re going to get from these deal of the day sites… that’s just being short sighted. That’s NOT where the real money is.

The REAL money from deal of the day promotions is to convert 30-35% of the deal buyers into ongoing, long term clients.

You’ll do this by having a systematized process where you’ll make an attempt to “buy back” their deal on day one in exchange for a better deal which includes a long term program.

If they say NO to that offer, and most likely will, then you’ll offer them another killer offer within the first two weeks of their deal period.

The best way to convert 30-35% of deal of the day leads is by making them another killer offer to continue with your program. Keep in mind the killer offer need only be for the first month or two, then it’s at your standard prices because by then they’ve seen and experienced the value of your program.

Using a proven fitness sales process will help make the selling part super simple.

2) Facebook is still one of the best lead sources and now your options are even greater.

For example, one thing we do is build our fan page “likes” organically… then we’ll advertise low barrier programs to our fans using Facebooks new “offers” platform. At my Fit Body Boot Camp location we’ve gotten an average of two new paid leads a day since we’ve been running this.Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 5.06.54 PM

What I like about Facebook’s “offers” platform is that they do the selling for you. So once a lead clicks on “yes I’ll take the offer”, then Facebook emails them the link to the offer and if they don’t buy it, it will keep reminding them until the offer period ends.

Another things that’s working really well on Facebook right now is uploading your prospect email addresses to Facebook using the “power editor” (available only through Google Chrome for some reason) and then running ads that target them and drive them to a low barrier offer page.

It’s kind of like running your own GroupOn to your email list.

What’s cool about this is that you’re marketing your fitness business to people who want to hear from you because they’re on your email list. PLUS you’re
“chasing” them on Facebook, a trusted platform so conversion becomes a LOT easier.

Fact is, your clients are going to come and go from time to time. And depending on the season they may get more flaky and drop out because the priorities in their lives change.

But that doesn’t mean that your business should suffer from it. I say you market smarter and harder and you’ll actually find that your business and your profits will grow in the summer while all the other fitness businesses around you shrink.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. If you’d like me to help set up all of these promotions, show you how to fill up your business with more clients, and coach you along in your business when you need it then consider joining the Fit Body Boot Camp family – if you run boot camps or group training programs. Check out everything FBBC does for you to help you build your business.