Want to Get More Personal Training Clients in 2015?

I don’t know any ONE way to get 100 new personal training clients. But I do know a hundred ways to get one client.Get_More_Clients_Now-608x2431

And that’s what marketing is all about: having multiple poles in the water at all times so that you have many ways to get leads, prospects and clients to call, email, or walk into your fitness business.

That’s the only way marketing can effectively grow your business and keep you ahead of your competition.

But, while I need you to understand the importance of having multiple poles in the water, there is one specific thing that you should definitely be doing to establish the foundation of your fitness marketing.

And that one thing is what I’m going to teach you about today.

Ready? Then let’s jump right in.

The most powerful and effective method for you to get more training clients on a regular basis will, without a doubt, be client referrals. If this isn’t your #1 strategy for bringing prospects through your doors then you have a HUGE problem. And unless the idea of going out of business is something that gets you excited, you need to do something about it.

If you have more than ten clients then referrals should be your most used new client resource.

One of the best things about referrals is that they come to you “warm” and pre-qualified because referrals trust the person who sent them to you. And that means it’s going to be easier to convert them into paying clients and keep them longer.

But if referrals are NOT your ‘bread and butter,’ then you’re probably suffering from one (or all) of the business killing diseases below…

1) Your clients are NOT getting the results they want and expected.

Let me make that a little more clear: they may be getting some results, but they’re not getting the results they wanted. And at the end of the day, if their expectations are not being met then they’re not going to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about you.

2) You’re boring. Your workouts are boring. Your facility is boring. Your energy is boring.
STOP being boring. Liven it up man, bring them energy!

Listen, people already have boring lives. They don’t want any more boring.

They wake up bored.
They go to work bored.
They have boring jobs.
They’re bored with their drive home.
They’re bored with their families.

They’re board out of their minds!

The last thing they want is a stale, boring, and predictable workout experience.
Especially when they hate the idea of working out, because to 99.9% of your clients, working out = torture.

Seriously, they think it’s akin to what William Wallace had to endure.  F-R-E-E-D-O-M!! 

Moving on…

3) No community, family, or love.

Happy People Standing Together At Cross Training BoxThere’s something magical about a place that’s like a modern day “Cheers.”
Your gym or boot camp has to be ‘the place.’ Make it like a second home where your clients feel loved, appreciated, and part of a community. Create this environment and they’ll look forward to coming and sharing with their friends and co-workers, and they’ll stop comparing you to water boarding.

This may sound like common sense, but I can tell you from first hand experience that a LOT of fitness business owners forget about the main thing that makes us different, better, and more appealing than a big box gym.

Have you forgotten that special element?

I like to call it the “Magic” that I can produce and that big box gyms can never replicate.

Again, more common sense, but I just don’t see enough trainers doing this:

– Genuinely care about your clients. Show them that you care.

– Know them by their first names and use them often.

– Learn something that’s important and meaningful in their lives.

– Send your clients birthday cards or a random puff up text message, just because you care.

In a nutshell, treat your clients like you would treat a guest in your house. It’s this attitude and the opportunity to form these kinds of connections that differentiates you from every other fitness center in your community.

4) But remember, if you want referrals you’ve got to ask for them!

Look, your clients aren’t going to just remember to help YOU grow YOUR business. That’s your job. 
If you want them to refer their circle of influence to you then you’ve gotta have some systems in place to make this happen.

For example, make giving referrals a condition of doing business with you.

When you sign up a new client, shake their hand, welcome them aboard, and say something like this:
“As I help you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals, can I count on you to help me achieve my goals, which are to help more people get fit and become healthy? The best compliment you can give me is to tell your friends, family and co-workers about me.” 

Yet another way to stimulate referrals is to send your clients a hand written thank you card. Use this card to remind them of how valued they are to you and how you’d like to give anyone they refer some free training sessions or a free week of boot camp.

And another awesome method for getting a ton of referrals is to run a referral generation contest— nothing like a little fun competition amongst your clients to get them motivated to give you referrals. In fact, this is one of the best performing referral generation strategies we use at Fit Body Boot Camp.

Referrals should be and are the lifeblood of the most successful businesses out there. When people like something they talk about it often and tell others to try the service or product they love.

So make your program unique, likeable, and outcome driven.


There’s also one more important element of your businesses that does the pointingmost to determine how much and how often you will get referrals. 
And that essential, pivotal, and important element is YOU. 

You must be an awesome trainer— and I don’t mean awesome as in educated and certificated. That stuff is a given.  I’m talking about you, your mind, your spirit, your attitude and your person being freak’in awesome! You are a walking talking billboard for your business in every way so make sure that billboard is sending the right message.

If you’re looking for more help on how to do just that, I made a video for you where I show you how to be an awesome trainer.

Watch my “How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer” video below.

Committed to your success,