Zone in on Your Target Audience

Today, we’re going to talk about nailing down your business’s avatar, then converting that avatar into leads, then turning those leads into clients.

What is an avatar? This is your ideal client, someone who represents your target audience. Knowing who this is will add more focus to your marketing.

Personal trainer marketing is simple. Unlike marketing on the Internet, which changes and evolves constantly, narrowing down a client audience is simple because consumer behavior hasn’t substantially changed for the past few hundred years.

People have pains, man. This pain might be their excess fat. Perhaps their clothes don’t fit them like they used to. Maybe they’re always lacking energy. Maybe they medically need to lose weight.

Our job as fitness professionals is to be the solution to that pain.

The more carved down you can make your solution, the more successful your personal training business could be. Rather than trying to be the personal training solution to clients of all genders and ages, you’re better off having a niche market.

You might decide that you’ll specialize in training young junior high school and high school athletes only. This way, you can target the parents or schools that have these athletes.

See, you’re marketing is honed right in to a very specific area that you can market to. Maybe your avatar needs to run faster, get stronger, or jump higher. Now, you know what their pain is, which means that your marketing language can focus on the solution to their pain.


On the flip side, you might want to be the personal trainer who opens a one-on-one training business, a boot camp, or a small group training business where you market to local stay-at-home moms. These women might start the day off, drop their kids off at school, then with the few hours they have free during the day, they decide to join your facility.

So, with your female client, you could ask, “If I could just snap my fingers and give you the ideal body, what would that body look like?” What I would hear most often are things like, “Well, I’d love to look the way I did before having my kids,” “I’d love to look the way I looked right around when I was first married,” or “I want to fit into a size ______ dress.” They’ll typically point out areas of flab they want to trim. They’ll often want to firm and tone their hips and thighs.

You know exactly what pains your clients deal with. You can create specific routines to help your clients reach their specific goals.

Next, you make sure to target all the businesses that your avatar goes to and make friends with those business owners.

Let’s say we’re talking about the stay-at-home mom audience. You could advertise a gift basket contest at a local business, maybe a salon or a market. You throw in some wine, some lotions, and, of course, a free two weeks of personal training at your facility. Lots of women would put their name in that drawing.

You would then select one person to win, and every other person would be a lead to call and contact. Those leads might come train with you for a session or two. Then, you would sit them down for a nutrition consultation, where you would then convert them into long-term clients.

Remember to figure ways you can return the favor to those businesses that promote your facility.

Another great way to target straight to your target audience is through direct mail. Anybody that tells you direct mail is dead is absolutely wrong.

Personal Trainer Business Plan

Postcards should simplify the decision-making process for your prospects. For instance, you might offer these leads two weeks of free meal plans, unlimited facility access, and personal health reports.

These offerings make it much easier for leads to come in and try out your facility. You eliminate any hesitations in their minds that could prevent them from checking you out.

All of these things mentioned above should aim toward building your email list. Understand this: what you and I sell as personal trainers is not an impulse purchase. It’s not a Subway sandwich where someone might decide to order a footlong sub off a whim.

Those who buy personal training and fitness programs are typically people who seriously mull over committing to your facility, realize specific pains that they want solutions to, and desire to work with someone who they know, like, and trust.

It doesn’t matter if you know, like, or trust Subway because you’re just going in there for a sandwich. However, it is important if you know, like, and trust your brain surgeon, doctor, or attorney because their services are much more impactful to your life.

You can see then how it’s important to know, like, and trust your personal trainer.

You need to establish relationships with the clients you train. They’ll step out of their comfort zone, put on gym clothes they haven’t put on before for 10 years, and come to work out with you. They’ll probably feel uncomfortable exercising in public, so they’ll really have to know, like, and trust you as a trainer.

They have to know that you’re an expert in fitness, and the only way that will happen is if you position yourself as a local expert, building solid relationships.

Again, the best way to do this is through email marketing.  This is your channel to personally speak to leads and build your standing as a fitness expert.

It doesn’t matter what technique or strategy you use. You could buy ads on Facebook or Google. One highly successful method to use is to search engine optimize. This can get your website to rank high so people can download the free report from your website in exchange for an email address.

You have to build that email list, and you have to stay in touch with your email list at least two to four times per week. You should be adding value to their lives, giving them engaging content such as case studies of your actual clients. Periodically, you’ll make them low barrier offers so that they can go from your list of prospects into your base of paying clients.

That’s really the core foundation of marketing a personal training business. Identify your business’s avatar. Then, specifically target and close your leads.

Committed to your success,