Why You Need to Do the Selling

Most of the personal trainers I’ve met and worked with have had this thought at some point…

business man pointing up finger“Why do I need to be the one selling my training? Can’t I just get someone with business skills to do that part for me? I’m great at training, so I’ll just focus exclusively on that.”

And yet, you’ve probably noticed that there’s not a gym on Earth that’s set up that way. Wherever personal trainers go, we’re expected to do some of our own selling.

Plus, if you’re hoping to become a fitness entrepreneur and build your own business, selling is one of the few things you must never delegate. You’ve got to master it yourself and always keep sharpening your selling skills.


Trust me, I know what it’s like: I grew up socially awkward and used to have very low confidence. When I first started my PT career, the LAST thing I wanted to do was go out and do my own selling.

And boy did I suck at it when I first started…but through practice and professional coaching, I became great at it. And so can you.

If you want access to the greatest opportunities in the fitness industry, keep reading!

You Are the Product


If you want to get more personal training clients, YOU have to do the selling, because you are the product they are interested in.

Think about it this way…if you were looking to buy a car, would you EVER buy one from a vendor who wouldn’t let you test out or even look at the car ahead of time?

Of course not! That would be crazy! You’d want to check out the car and even the person selling it to make sure you’re not getting scammed or getting a crappy vehicle.

Now flip that around…look at the situation from your prospect’s point of view.

They’re looking for someone to help them change their physical shape, and they are EXTREMELY suspicious thanks to all the scam products and bad trainers out there.

Plus…they know they’re going to have to trust someone else with a very vulnerable experience. They’re going to let someone else evaluate their body as they make progress, not to mention see them get all sweaty and tired during the workout.

What does that mean for you?

It means you could offer the best training results, have huge word-of-mouth buzz surrounding your training, and still not get as many clients as you want IF YOU CAN’T SELL THEM!Hope

Because really, selling is the process of building trust and getting over that psychological hurdle I just described.

Selling is the process of replacing your prospect’s fears with images of hope and optimism.

Selling is the process of connecting training to your prospect’s deepest wants and desires so that they can plow past all the fears and objections in their head (money, boredom, pain, trust issues, etc.) and FINALLY get the results they need!

This is not a sleazy thing that creepy people do – this is the greatest possible gift you can give your prospects.

Remember: the prospects who are nervous or uncertain about training are the ones who NEED YOUR HELP MOST, and you won’t ever be able to help them if you don’t first sell them on training, which means you need to sell YOURSELF as a helpful, trustworthy, passionate expert.

Great Business Comes from Building Great Relationships


If you want a great business, you need great relationships with many different people.

Perhaps the most important relationship is the one between you and your clients.


Because the quality of your relationships with your clients is what decides how many referrals they will give you.

And referrals are the absolute, gold standard, best way to bring in highly qualified leads. There is NOTHING more powerful in marketing than an enthusiastic referral.

And the honest truth about quality relationships is that they take time to build…

Which is why YOU need to do the selling. If you aren’t there at the “point of entry” for your clients, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get to know them, get THEM to know YOU, and start building the quality relationship that will generate referrals for you down the road.

And to be honest…referrals just make your life a whole lot easier. Referrals are way more likely to be “lay down” sales – people who walk in guaranteed to buy.

So next time you look at your selling process with dread, think of it this way instead: this is your chance to connect with someone. This is your chance to make a new friend who is going to be incredibly grateful towards you once you help them achieve their goals.

Selling Goes Way Beyond the Gym


If you want to make the big bucks, you’ve got to think big.

You need to start thinking and planning for multiple locations, or how you’re going to package your training into a digital info product that can generate income for you while you sleep.

In other words, you need to be ready to step way out of your comfort zone, and at some point you’re going to need other people’s strengths to fill in for your weaknesses.

Guess what? Everything I just said about relationship building applies to EVERY SELLING SITUATION IN YOUR LIFE.

And the reverse is true too…pretty much every selling situation is, at its core, a relationship building situation.

team of papermanWant to go the YouTube celebrity route like I did? You better find a good camera crew you can trust.

Want to open multiple locations one day? You’re going to need location managers for each one.

Want to seek out investors for your business? You’re going to have to find the right investor…and prove that you’re the right person to back.

ALL OF THESE THINGS require that you look another person in the face and demonstrate for them why your business is the best opportunity to chase.

Potential employees, contractors, affiliates, business partners, investors – the ones who are worth your time have plenty of opportunities available to them, so you need to sell them on the fact that your business is THE opportunity.

So every time you have a chance to sell…look at it as an opportunity to hone your most critical skill as an entrepreneur.


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