Why You Need to Wake Up Early to Succeed in the Fitness Business

Everyone has their own “magic hour” for certain activities…and it seems like the good lord pretty much handed these out at random to each of us, because everyone’s “magic clock” is different.

Clock face with figuresSome people wake up before sunrise and IMMEDIATELY go for a run. Other people run last thing in the evening before going to bed.

Writing is another good example. Some people do their best writing in the morning, other people do it at night. Heck, some people do their best writing from exactly 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

But here’s the thing: you are a high-performance fitness entrepreneur. That means you have a lot of responsibilities you’ve got to take care of every day. 

And so even if you’re naturally wired to do your best workouts or your best Facebook marketing in the afternoon or mornings, you still don’t have any excuse for hitting the snooze button.

Think about it: if your very first action of the day is an act of weakness…how do you think the rest of the day is going to go?

What You Should Do Instead


If you don’t happen to have any of your “magic hours” in the early morning, here’s what you’re going to do instead:

At the end of each day, list out the top 10 or so things you need to get done the next day.

Then, look over that list and pick out the top 3 things that make you the most uncomfortable.

Now move those 3 to the top of the list and commit to doing them first thing in the morning.

Here’s why: since those tasks make you uncomfortable, you already know they are going to take up more of your physical and emotional energy than anything else.

Assuming you’re in good physical condition, your nutrition is solid, and you’re getting enough sleep…you’re going to have the most physical and emotional energy in the morning.

Okay, maybe you have a pump up ritual you do between waking up and getting to work, but you get the idea – if you have the most energy in the morning, USE IT!

AND when you wake up early, you’re getting a head start on all the chaos that the people around you generate every day, so that morning time is TRULY yours to control and dominate.Easy Button

Besides, if all your magic hours are later in the day, can’t you afford to do the easy stuff then?

Of course you can…

Look, wasting your mornings by sleeping in is a lot like buying a Ferrari and only ever using it to drive to the grocery store 3 miles away.

ANY high-performance entrepreneur can tell you that mornings are an opportunity to CRUSH in business.

“But I need the sleep!”

Of course you do! So have the discipline to go to bed earlier. Make sure you’re actually getting quality sleep too – no screens for at least an hour before bed, no midnight snacks, etc.

Join the 5 AM Club


You want to know who else is in the 5 AM Club?

My close friend and one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs I know – Craig Ballantyne – is so disciplined about getting enough sleep and rising early to attack the day at full speed that he goes to bed EVERY NIGHT at 9 PM.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend, or if he’s traveling, or if he’s had a crappy day. Every single night he goes to bed at 9 PM so he can wake up at 5 the next morning and immediately start dominating.

You know who else? Most of the top performers in my 7 Figure Mastermind.

And of course, there’s me!

If nothing else, compare the people on that list (along with anyone else you know who qualifies) to the list of people you can think of who wake up at 7 AM or 8 AM, or heck, even 12 PM.

Which list of people do you think is happier, more passionate, and contributing more to society?

Yeah, the first list. Thought so.

So which list do YOU belong to?

Be honest with yourself. It’s possible (with discipline) to change your answer, but for now you just have to be honest.

If your answer is the first list, keep reading, because there’s still more you can do to improve your life and your business.

If your answer is the second list, listen close, because we’re about to change that.

How to Surround Yourself with Winners


When I say “join the 5 AM Club” I don’t just mean that in the figurative sense where you start waking up early and count yourself in.


Membership Card Shows Very Important Person And ApplicationMeet up with these people, get to know them, and keep in touch with them on a regular basis!


Because all of the major success factors in your life…

…your physical fitness, your income, your happiness, your creativity, your courage…

…are all ultimately the average of the people you spend the most time with.

Hang out with losers, and it doesn’t matter how hard you work personally, you’re going to end up a loser too.

Hang out with WINNERS…and you will naturally become one too.

Ah, but here’s what you’re probably wondering…

“I just don’t know anyone else who’s a badass fitness entrepreneur! Where do I find my people?”

I’m glad you asked.

The best way to do that is to join a mastermind or a coaching group where other determined fitness pros are also looking for their people.

(Also, the knowledge and coaching you get from these groups is extremely useful!)

I have two groups for you, depending on how serious you are about turning pro, massively increasing your income, and helping way more people get healthy.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, I recommend you join my 7 Figure Mastermind.

This is my elite group of fitness entrepreneurs. You’ll be working closely with and learning from the true “cream of the crop” in our industry. It’s intense, and it’s not for everyone, but you’ll see mind-blowing growth in your business when you join.

The other option is Fitness Business Ignition.

This is an excellent option if you need something more affordable, and you’ll get access to a huge vault of fitness marketing and selling resources, along with coaching calls to help you find the exact advice you need to level up in your business.

Check them both out and consider joining one today. I hope to see you in there soon!

Committed to your success,