Why You Need to Do the Work

Not reaching your full potential is failure.

You’ve been given a gift… a gift to transform lives! To motivate and inspire people to action!

And that’s why you’ve chosen to forgo having a job and building someone else’s dream in exchange for being an entrepreneur and building YOUR fitness business.

You started off with a mission to help hundreds and thousands of people achieve their fitness, fat loss and health goals. You know that’s your purpose in life…

…that’s what you were put on this planet to do!

Kettle bell back view

But now you’re stressing out about money, clients, competition and feeling burnt out.


Sure, being a business owner isn’t easy. That’s why the majority choose to stay average and join the sea of mediocrity by having a job and working for someone else.

Others will go their whole life knowing they’re gifted and destined for more… but they’ll never take the leap like you have to realize their destiny and share their gift with the world.

Fear of failure, fear of criticism and fear of not being good enough has crippled the majority of people and forced them to give into being average.

But not you. You’ve chosen the path of entrepreneurship because you know what your gift is and you’re hell bent on sharing it with the world.

Unfortunately, too many fitness professionals like you go into business but don’t realize what it takes to be successful. So, they never reach their full potential and their gift goes to waste.

They work month after month trying to keep their business afloat…Life belt with dollar sign in open sea

…some months they lose money… other months they barely break even.

From time to time they make some profit… but nowhere near the type of profit they had hoped to make when they first decided to become a business owner.

Instead, they set their sights lower: they accept mediocrity in business and just putter along hoping that one day they’ll have their big break.

But more often than not they just get crushed by their competitors and go out of business.

I don’t want that for you. I know YOU’RE destined for the highest level of success and freedom!

Not reaching your full potential in business can cost you everything.

Here’s why some trainers fail at business:

Most fail because they refuse to do the work. They refuse to see themselves as entrepreneurs first and fitness pros second.

See, the minute you decided to work for yourself, you chose to become an entrepreneur.

So you’ve got to do the work that’s required of an entrepreneur. You’ve got to learn to market, sell, communicate, lead generate, make offers, create promotions, get talked about and become omnipresent in your community.

You’ve got to know how to better manage your time, energy, and creativity… and how to create systems that run your business so that you can have peace of mind on a day-to-day basis.

You’ve got to accept and embrace adversity and challenges.

But above all you’ve got to do the work that’s required of you… otherwise you’ll never reach your full potential and your gift will go to waste.

See, most failing business owners never take responsibility… they never say “I failed to do the work”.

downward arrowInstead they blame the competition, they blame the market, they blame the economy, they blame their circumstances and they claim to not have the resources needed to become successful.

It’s all B.S.

In this day and age, if you fail at business it’s your fault, because with one click the answers are at your finger tips. Ever heard of a Google search?

If you’re on my email list, then the answers are sent to you several times per week.

If you spend two hours a week on YouTube watching business, mindset, marketing, and sales videos, then within 6 months you’ll have more entrepreneurial knowledge than most people who get their MBA from Harvard.

But you’ve got to do the work, man.

If you want to share your gift at the highest level then you’ve got to do the work.

Staying busy and claiming to do the work isn’t going to cut it. There are a ton of ways to waste time and feel busy. You know darn well what I’m talking about.

You’ve got to do the real work…the work that scares you the most. The work that you keep putting off, procrastinating about, and talking yourself out of.

You’ve got to stop playing the blame game and start doing the work.

That’s the only way you’ll ever make it in business. And that’s the only way you’ll reach your full potential with that special gift of yours.

Committed to your success,


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