One Of The Best Fitness Marketing Strategies Ever

I can’t prove it, but I think President Obama gets my emails…

A couple years ago Craig Ballantyne sent me an email with the follow subject line: “Bedros Proven RIGHT”

Naturally I had to open that email up to see what it was that I was right about.

In his email Craig included a link to an article from Business Week that said how Obama’s re-election campaign team sent out millions of emails during the 2012 election season and fanatically tested out a bunch of email subject lines to find which was getting them the best possible results.

The winner that got the highest open rate was…”Hey”

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.50.33 PMOf course this is something I’ve been teaching AND using myself for years.

In fact, if you remember a couple weeks ago I sent out an email with the top subject lines that have performed well in the past.

Today I want to share with you ten more tried and true email subject lines I’ve used that had above average open rates.

Here they are:

1. Hey
2. The #1 way to lose weight
3. Bad news (and some good)
4. Meet Marvin, the world’s richest trainer
5. Sorry
6. thank you
7. DUDE!
9. Can I get your opinion?
10. Awesome hook up (no strings attached)

And recently, the subject line that got me one of the highest open rates ever was:

“The morning of my heart attack”

Which, by the way, I turned into a blog post because so many trainers told me how that email helped them overcome stress and put their priorities in perspective.

Click here to read “the morning of my heart attack email”

Listen, it’s nothing new… email marketing works, and that’s why it’s one of the three top ways we get new clients and revenue into Fit Body Boot Camp locations – (the other two are referrals and Facebook).

Marketing and advertising as you know it has changed.

And marketing a fitness business is way different than marketing any other type of business.

Think about it… most businesses sell something that’s either a one time purchase such as food, shoes, TV, clothes, or what have you.

You on the other hand sell something that…

1) has a substantial cost.
2) is hard to do (unlike watching TV or eating).
3) is a recurring payment month after month.

And so you can’t go around trying to sell your personal training or boot camp programs using traditional marketing and advertising tactics.

And if you think that you’re just going to drive traffic from Facebook and Google to your website and people are gonna call you to buy your services once they see how awesome your site is – you’re mistaken.

In fact our most successful Fit Body Boot Camp Facebook promos are ones that make short term offers and where the buyer never even sees a Fit Body Boot Camp website.

Then once on the short term program, the new clients are given the opportunity to join the family and continue on with a longer term program.

Now, you can do that with email marketing too.

What if you could magically get everyone in your community who was interested in losing fat, getting lean, eating better and improving their overall health to raise their hand and let you know that they’re interested – wouldn’t you like that?

As it turns out, you can do that.

That’s the whole idea of building an email list.

First you’d craft a fitness and fat loss report that was packed with killer content and was really high value.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.11.24 PMThen you’d offer your free report to everyone in your community in a variety of ways…

– On Facebook
– Having local businesses send their clients and customers to
your site so they can download the free report.
– Mailing out postcards to folks in your community and offering
them your free report.

The key is to send people to your site or a squeeze page where they can download the report for free when they give you their email address.

That does two things for you….

1) It tells you that this person is interested in fitness and fat loss.

2) And it helps you build your email list so that you can educate, entertain and inform your list and show them how awesome you
really are – which makes selling to them way easier since you’ve established rapport with them.

That’s the whole idea, right?

To get your list of email subscribers to know, like and trust you.

Better yet – to know, love, and trust you so they’ll buy from you sooner and without giving you an objection.

When you do this it’s going to help you streamline your online marketing process and shorten the prospect to client conversion funnel – which is always a welcomed thing 🙂

BTW, if you’d like to learn more about what it’s like being a Fit Body Boot Camp owner and how we can help you dial in your boot camp business click here to learn more about becoming a FBBC owner in your area. 

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian