What if One Day Could Change Your Business and Your Life?

Be honest: how many times have you envisioned the career and life that you dream about, only to immediately talk yourself out of it?

24 HOURSMaybe your objection was something like, “There are too many things I need to do to reach my dream! I’ll never get all that done! I’ll never have enough time!”

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I’m always talking about the long game, about never peaking, and about always setting bigger and bigger goals…

But what if you could completely turn things around in just one day? What if you could literally spend just one day doing something that would put you decidedly on the path to success for the rest of your life? 

Sure, that day would have to be pretty intense…

Still, imagine not having to trudge into your crummy, underpaid job, knowing in the back of your mind you could be so much more but desperately wondering where to begin. Imagine being already in the process!

See, the great thing about the life of an entrepreneur is that even on your most stressed-out, most chaotic days, there’s always this underlying feeling of progress.

So what would this one day look like?

Building Momentum


The one thing I can tell you about this one day is that it won’t look like any of your other days up until this point.

See, if you want to generate massive momentum and really start making your dream a reality, you can’t just keep doing the things you’re doing now.

AND you can’t kid yourself into thinking you can make the transition from good to great gradually. If you keep thinking you’ll make the leap gradually, then you’re just going to wind up overwhelmed again, right back into “I don’t have time” mode.

In fact, because of that tendency, I think that changing your life in one day is actually way MORE realistic than trying to change it in one year! Or even five years!

See, the further you push your personal deadlines back, the more time you give yourself to be undisciplined, make excuses, and talk yourself out of your own desires.

But when you put your deadline right in front of you, when you literally set a massive goal and give yourself ONLY 24 hours to do it, you better believe you’re going to do everything you can to get it done.Hombre Saltando Al Agua

And in that manic charge to get the thing done, you will discover in yourself way more resilience, creativity, and power than you ever thought you had.

Is this starting to sound a little scary? If so, that’s a good thing. Fear is just the mental equivalent of the burn you get during a good workout: it’s a reminder that you’re doing something important and you need to keep going!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to or even should go alone…

Building a Team


The other thing I know for certain about your momentum-building day is that it will include a big group of people who will also be working on their personal momentum.

The first benefit of having this group around you is very simple: when you’ve got other people around who you are also concentrated on making their big leaps, you can naturally copy their energy and become even more focused and dedicated to your own dream.

However, those people become most important AFTER your one big day, because they will be the key to maintaining your newfound momentum for the long haul.

See, it’s one thing to hit the pause button on your bad habits for just one day…but what about the long game? What about the real knock-down distractions and troubles that life will try to throw at you later on?

THAT is when having the right team is most important. You need to have peers who share your ambition so that you can stay accountable and avoid slipping back into the sea of mediocrity.

AND you need a coach, or heck, even multiple coaches, who can save you time and energy by passing down the strategies they’ve proven out in the field.

If you set up your one big day correctly, you can start building all of those relationships then.

Building on What You Have


Now here’s the really cool part…

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you know more about your area of fitness than 99% of the world does.

Which means you have exclusive access to something that 99% of the world needs and wants but doesn’t have time to get for themselves: knowledge.

There’s this weird glitch in human psychology that holds a lot of us back: we assume that once we know something, everyone else knows it too. We critically undervalue our own unique perspective and expertise.

Now imagine instead that you DID treat your own expertise with the value it deserves…couldn’t you build a massively successful business around it? And couldn’t you start the journey by turning it into a killer online info product?

If you’re not super experienced with online info products, let me just tell you right now that they can become HUGE sources of income if you build and market them properly. I know this because I’ve done so myself.

However…I think the process of creating and marketing your own info product comes with a value that’s even greater than the sales revenue…

It gives you hands-on experience with 21st century entrepreneurship, and teaches you the skills that can take you all the way to the top.

Maybe your ultimate vision isn’t to sell info products. I still recommend you consider info products as a stepping stone.

Because I do want you to chase the biggest vision possible! I’m a dreamer, man! I get it!

in a golden light

Still, I also understand the pragmatic value of having at least one stable income source supporting you before you make the big gamble on that vision. Having an info product set up with an automated sales process is the perfect way to do that.

So why do I bring up all this stuff about info products?

Because it is 100% possible to learn the blueprint for a massively successful info product in just one day! 



I have a one-day info product mastermind group that I run where you can get cutting-edge online sales techniques, coaching on your product design and vision, and access to a network of accomplished and motivated professionals.

Imagine: you could head home at the end of the day with your business strategy and product design already completely mapped out! At that point, it’s just a matter of sheer momentum to get you to higher and higher profits and personal freedom.

You can discover more here!

Hope to see you soon!

Committed to your success,