Is One-on-One Training Failing You?

The personal fitness industry is changing. Believe me, I know because I’m the one changing it. Truthfully though, it’s been changing for a while now.

But I didn’t start this change, I just noticed a trend and took advantage of it.

I’m sure you’ve realized, like so many other fitness professionals out there, that one-on-Bedros Teaching 2one training is failing. It isn’t failing its clients, they’re still getting all the results premium training offers. No, one-on-one training is failing us, the fitness pros, the trainers, the ones who struggle to make a living while helping individuals transform their lives and bodies.

Prices keep dropping, competition is always growing, and the stagnant economy has really hit our industry hard.

But that’s why you’re here, right? You found my websites or you heard my name because you knew you needed help. You’re a trainer, you need to make more money, and I’m the guy trainers come to when they need to make more money. Well, you’re in the right place.

But this issue with one-on-one training isn’t going to go away with some newfangled marketing scheme or a 14-Day Fat Furnace. No, there needs to be a more drastic change and that’s what I was talking about when I told you the industry is changing.

So many of your colleagues are making the decision to transition out of one-on-one and into group training programs. And you have me to blame for that because I’m one of the voices out there trying to tell everyone in our industry about all the advantages that come with group training.

And that’s exactly what I talked about in this video: why group training and boot camps are better for you than one-on-one training.

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Maybe you’ve heard this before, and you know I’m the CEO of the most popular and fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp in the country, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re hearing this message from me. But read through my reasoning and realize that this really has nothing to with me and everything to do with you. I want YOU to know all YOUR options because I know how hard it can be when you feel like your business is failing and your family’s livelihood is at stake.

That’s why I’ve put this post together, to help those who are experiencing the struggles with which I am all too familiar.

#1 – More money in less time

It’s so simple, people.

Even if you are paid for what your time is really worth in a one-on-one session, around $75 dollars a session, you could still never do as well as a group or boot camp program.

Say your program trains groups of seven clients at a time and you charge $50 for each client. That’s $350 a session! You could charge half that, $25 a session, (don’t charge $25 a session, this is just an example) and still make way more than you could with one-on-one.

twitter(By the way, if you’re wondering how much you should charge for group sessions, use this easy little trick: Take your current one-on-one rate, multiply it by 2 and divide it by 3.)

With boot camp, your profit margins get even better. You can start to pull six, even multiple six-figures from a Fit Body Boot Camp location.

I ran five separate personal training facilities with hundreds of clients, so take it from me: you’ll always do better with groups and boot camps.

#2 – More creative marketing options

Whether it’s referral incentives, weight-loss challenges, group workout competitions, or community outreach, group training and boot camps allow for much more creative marketing options.

When you have the kinds of client numbers that come with group training it simply allows you to do more with your marketing.

You can hold a huge referral competition with awesome (expensive) prizes and get dozens of new client referrals. Then you can give each of those referrals a free week of boot camp, a free nutritional consultation, and hit them with a sales pitch after you’ve showered them with all the ‘free.’

You couldn’t take on that many new referrals with one-on-one, let alone give dozens of free sessions (unless you trained all your referrals in a group setting, which would make you a group trainer…).

Here’s another idea: If you have a boot camp roster with hundreds of clients you can hold a huge weight-loss challenge where you promise awesome prizes or charity donations if all your clients collectively lose 2,000 lbs. (or some reasonably huge number). Then you can advertise with your local newspaper, post about it on your sight, and make flyers telling your community about the huge challenge you’ve set for your entire group training program. Then, when your clients lose the weight together, you’ve generated publicity as well as encouraged, helped, and boosted your clients’ confidence. Give a few prizes to the three clients who lost the most weight, and your whole competition will be a massive success. Can’t do that with 50 one-on-one clients; there is no sense of teamwork and group success in that setting.

Even if it’s as simple as throwing a flat screen TV with a bow in your studio and telling everyone they can win it if they get the most referrals. You can’t do that with one-on-one, there’s no sense of competition or camaraderie.

#3 – More referral potential

Once again, this one is really simple.

When you have three times as many clients you’ll get three times as many referrals. You’ll also be more likely to find superstar clients who get awesome results and bring in referrals every week.

Now, it is true that you need more clients in your group programs. Some may say that, Referralswhile more clients get you more referrals, you need so many clients that group training has no advantage. But the thing about group training is that it’s set up perfectly to bring in the maximum amount of referrals.

Think about it: What does a friend of a client want when they are asked to come workout at your studio? They want to try your program with the friend that brought them! And they want to try it for free.

You can’t do that with group training. There are no such things as Buddy Passes, unless you want to give a whole session away for free, or you want to train multiple people at once. And, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re doing that you’re a group trainer!

But if you’re newly referred prospect wants to train with a friend who is already your boot camp client, just throw them into a session or two. As long as you keep things organized with buddy passes, it’s no sweat off your back to have an extra person in boot camp. Your clients won’t even notice, you’re referral will get to see how awesome you are, and you’ll sign tons of new clients.

#4 – More clients means less risk

Picture this:

It’s 2008, the housing market just crashed, and half of your high-income, one-on-one clients have just dropped you because they’re house is foreclosing and they can’t afford you anymore.

What are you going to do?

Well, you’ll need to get a whole lot of new referrals to get all those clients back. But the problem is, your numbers are so small, you hardly have any clients from which you can get referrals.

But if a similar situation hits a boot camp, they’ll still have dozens, sometimes even around a hundred clients left to refill their classes with referrals and get their numbers back.

There is more security in the boot camp model. There’s less risk when you’re working with such high numbers.

Boot camps, group training, it’s the way of the future.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with one-on-one training, but the business model is failing you.

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Committed to your success,