Your Personal Trainer Business Plan Made Simple

You became a personal trainer because you love fitness, right?

You did it because fitness is your passion and your purpose. You’ve seen what fitness has done for you personally and you want to spread those benefits to other people.

The only problem is, if you’re anything like I was when I first started out, you can’t figure out how to make any money as a personal trainer!

Personal Trainer Business PlanI’ll tell you what you need: you need a Personal Trainer Business Plan that is easy to implement and makes you a good income.

No, you don’t need any more certifications or anything like that.

If you already know how to get your clients results, you don’t need any more fancy titles or extra letters after your name.

As you’re going to learn in a moment, your prospective clients don’t care about certifications. They care about real people like them getting real results.

So stop banging your head against the wall trying to figure out all this complicated business stuff for yourself. I’ve already done all that for you (and I’ve got the bruises to prove it).

Just follow this simple formula and finally enjoy the income you deserve!

Your Personal Trainer Business Plan Part 1: Choosing Your Clients


Way too many personal trainers out there are just training whoever happens to walk through their doors.

That is NOT a personal trainer business plan…that is, quite frankly, a recipe for failure.

What you really need to do is decide, right now, who your clients are going to be.

That’s right: you get to decide this. It’s not up to random chance.

So picture your ideal client…or, take one of your favorite clients currently and use them as an example.

Here are few things you’ll want to think about:

What’s their age range?

What’s their gender?

Where do they live? 

Do they have the money to afford your training (including when you raise your prices)? 

Where do they like to hang out?

What other local businesses do they like? Personal Trainer Business Plan

What media do they like to consume (shows, magazines, movies, etc.)?

What do they enjoy or not enjoy about fitness?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, DO THE RESEARCH!

Seriously, if you take the time to do this part right, everything else becomes so much easier.

Because by the end of this, you’re going to have a clear picture of the most important part of your business: the client avatar!

Your Personal Trainer Business Plan Part 2: Attracting Clients


First you’re going to need some testimonials.

If you’ve already been training clients, ask the ones who have seen the most dramatic results.

If you don’t have any clients yet, offer free training to friends and family, especially the ones who are similar to your client avatar.

Get before and after pics of their progress, and get their written testimonials saying what an awesome trainer you are.

Once you’ve got that, you’ll want to set up a website (or hire someone to do this for you) which introduces your program, shows off the testimonials and before and afters, and offers the visitor either free sessions or a discounted “challenge” version of your program.


Most people are skeptical about fitness products, but there’s no denying a real human being like them showing off real results.

Anyway, that’s called a “landing page.” Whether you charge for the trial or not, you MUST include a box that requires the visitor to enter their email address (I’ll explain why later).

Once you have your landing page, you’re going to drive people to it using Facebook ads.

In the Facebook ad manager, you can tell Facebook which people to show your ads to based on things like their gender and where they live. Remember all that info you gathered on your client avatar? Use that here!

That will get you your first surge of trial clients, which you can then convert into long-term clients. Make sure you put them on EFT (electronic funds transfer) so you don’t have to chase after them to get paid every month!

For actually writing the ads, you want just a few short lines that will grab the attention of your client avatar.

Personal Trainer Business PlanImagine you are in an elevator with your client avatar. You’ve got fifteen seconds to tell them about your program and get them to sign up with you. What do you say?

Write that down, and you’ve got your ad!

Most importantly: this part of the process is going to give you the beginnings of your EMAIL LIST!

Your Personal Trainer Business Plan Part 3: Build Your Email List


Second to your client avatar, your email list is the most important tool in your business.

Instead of having to bend over backwards to sell people on your training whenever you need more clients, what if you just had a steady stream of interested people you could tap into at any time?



Here’s how it works:

With the emails you captured from your landing page, start sending funny, helpful, interesting content on a regular basis so that your audience starts to know, like, and trust you as a fitness authority.

Most of the time, you aren’t going to offer anything or try to sell them anything. Just worry about adding value to their lives and making them LOVE your advice.

Once you’ve built up that Know, Like, and Trust factor, you can do two really cool things with this list.

The first thing is that you can expand the list to include even more people.

You can do this by repeating the landing page process I described above. You can even email your list with a link to the landing page and ask them to share it with friends and family.

The other thing you can do is SELL YOUR TRAINING!

Just like before, you’re going to want to offer a discounted “challenge” version of your program so that you can more easily close people on long-term training.

The cool thing is that when you have a large enough email list, you can just write the email itself to sell the program! You don’t even have to bother setting up an extra landing page!

BAM! There’s your personal trainer business plan.

Implement this now to get a lot more clients and seriously bump up your income!

Committed to your success,


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