7 Ways Personal Trainers Can Get More Referrals

If you aren’t getting referrals then there is something fundamentally wrong with your fitness business.

It’s not just incredibly important for your own survival to have plenty of referrals, but it’s also an indicator of how healthily your business is operating.

If you’re getting most things right and your business is even remotely successful, then you should be getting regular referrals. If not, there is definitely something wrong with your business.

Get_More_Clients_Now-608x2431If you aren’t getting as many referrals as you would like or think you should have, try these 7 strategies for boosting your referral generation.

#1 – Results

This one is pretty dang simple. If you want your clients to tell people about your training then you’ve got to deliver the results they’re after. No one is going to bring their friends or family to training that doesn’t work.

#2 – Make Referrals a Condition of Training with You

Set it up from day one: when people train with you they refer for you. Simple as that.

Let your clients know that you don’t simply train to help one person, or a few people, you’re trying to make a difference in your entire community. And make sure they understand that anyone who trains at your facility is a part of that communal goal.

#3 – Handwritten Thank You Cards

When someone brings in a friend and that friend becomes a paying client, you had better shower that original client with love.

A great and personable way to do this is with a handwritten thank you card.

Once other clients see this happening they’ll want their own thank you cards. And they’ll start bringing in referrals too.

#4 – Give ‘em FREE Stuff

Same as the Thank You cards, but a whole lot more valuable.

Present clients who bring referrals with free branded merchandise, free drinks, gift cards, whatever they would love.

And again, celebrate them in front of an entire boot camp session.

#5 Deliver Gifts

If you’ve got some clients who have really done a great job of bringing in multiple people, why not go the extra mile to appreciate them?

Send Edible Arrangements or other deliverable thank you gifts that show your clients, and whoever they’re around, how much you care.

What’s going to happen when your best client gets a wonderful delivery at work and tells her entire office about her awesome personal trainer? You’re going to get a whole lot of referrals, that’s what.

#6 – Hold a Referral Contest

This one’s easy. Make it a contest, have a prize, and watch the referrals flood in.

#7 – Ask

It’s the simplest and the most effective way. Other than simply being amazing and delivering results, you’re going to get tons of referrals if you ask for them!

I go into a whole lot more detail in the video below so check it out if you’d like to learn more about how to get clients to pay, stay, and refer.

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