How to Sell High Priced Personal Training Programs

There is a certain segment of your clientele base who are willing to pay you more… a LOT more for a higher caliber of service, not because they need it, but because they can.

Fact is, some people ONLY want to buy the Rolls Royce package even though your Toyota program can get them from point A to point B just fine. For those clients, this is how you structure, present, and sell your high priced programs.

Enjoy this footage from Fitness Business Summit. Since teaching this I’ve gotten several message from trainers who now routinely sell $8,000 to $12,000 high end programs.

By the way, the dates for Fitness Business Summit 15 are March 27th -29th in Southern California…and this will be the BIGGEST FBS yet (over 600 attendees). Mark those dates down because FBS15 is going to be the one even of the year that you don’t want to miss.