Stand Out FIRST, Then You’ll Succeed (Script Included!)

I can tell some of you fitness pros out there are confused. light beacon songs

Because I hear you talk about all the great things you’ll do “once you’re successful” …and it all sounds flashy and cool and fun…

I mean things like doing guest spots on local news, or making appearances in online magazines, or running charitable fundraisers at your facility…

And look, if you’re just now starting your business and you don’t even have a full list of clients already, then that needs to be your first priority.

But if you have a steady trickle of clients and your business is humming along at a comfortable level…


Because the truth is, whenever you see someone leading workouts on the news or flashing their smile in big, glossy magazine photos, that person is not there because someone invited them.

That person is there because they made the effort to stand out BEFORE they were successful. Standing out and taking bigger risks is WHY they are successful, not the byproduct.

So let’s take a look at some ways you can start to stand out today.

Pitch the Media Like Your Life Depends on it


Remember how I said all those people in magazines and on TV didn’t get invited? I wasn’t kidding.

To have media outlets actively seek you out for content is a rare and precious thing. In fact, you have to pretty much be in the top 10% or even 5% of performers in your industry before that starts happening.

Now as you might have noticed…most TV shows, podcasts, magazines, etc. feature more than just the biggest of the big names.

And let’s be clear here: you don’t need to be a giant name (yet) to enjoy the business benefits of appearing in the media.

For example, I hear stories all the time of new owners joining my franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, and using our professionally written press releases to get TV spots on local news.

These are usually people who have never been on TV their whole lives…and still, the second they appear on local news they get a BURST of new prospects coming in to ask about bootcamp.

So how do all these people who aren’t (yet) major celebrities get these media spots?

Typewriter buttons, isolated - AskSimple…


Or, to put that in media terms, they “pitch.”

So how does pitching work?

How to Pitch Like a Pro


First, put together a list of all the media outlets you want to appear in. Don’t be shy, list out everything – local news, magazines, websites, podcasts, radio – you name it.

I should point out here that the most important thing to consider when choosing these outlets is your AUDIENCE. Picture your ideal client. What do they like to watch, read, or listen to? Use that to guide your choices.

Then, once you have that list, go through each outlet and look up their contact info. These days, even “old media” outlets have websites where you can grab their phone number or email. Whatever info they give out, add it to the list (and see if you can get the contact person’s name too).

Then, go through each one and briefly skim through their content. Take note of one or two segments/articles that you enjoy (you’ll need this in a moment).

Finally, call or email each one and offer to work with them using the following script.

Hello [NAME], 

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am the owner of [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. 

Have you heard of [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]? We are a fitness company offering [YOUR UNIQUE SELLING POINT]. 

The reason I am contacting you today is because I was recently enjoying [NAME OF MEDIA OUTLET] and noticed your team did a fantastic job covering [RECENT SEGMENT OR ARTICLE].

It got me thinking: this is a great opportunity for us both to connect with [DESCRIPTION OF THEIR AUDIENCE]. I know you have built a great relationship with them and I have a story that I think they will appreciate.

I have attached a [PRESS RELEASE OR SEGMENT PITCH] for you to look over. I would be happy to hear your thoughts/suggestions on this. 

Let me know how I can help! I hope to work with you soon!

Thank you, 


Obviously, you might need to modify that a bit for a phone call, but that script should give you the general idea.

Now let’s go over why this script works…

Media people have one over-riding desire that dictates everything they do: to capture their audience’s attention and keep it focused on their platform.Target audience infographic

So, if you want them to pick up your pitch, you need to prove…

A. That you know their audience, and…

B. That you have something valuable to show their audience.

As long as you meet those criteria, they’ll be happy to shine their spotlight on you and enjoy the business boost that comes along with it.

ALSO…keep in mind that 90% of outlets will be too busy or disorganized to ever respond to you, even if you have a rock solid pitch like the script I just gave you.

That’s fine. The one or two who agree to have you will pay you back enormously in the form of highly interested prospects piling into your facility.

How to Stand Out INSIDE Your Business


Now let’s switch gears a bit and bring this all closer to home.

How can you stand out with your CURRENT audience – the clients already training with you – and get them to see you as the badass, celebrity, Category of One personal trainer who deserves the most rewards out of anyone in town?

Again…let’s go back to what you picture the super successful, future version of you doing…

Would that person randomly decide to throw a healthy potluck for all your clients?

Would that person hand out special medals for clients who lose the most fat or gain the most muscle mass?

Would that person send personalized thank-you baskets to clients who bring in referrals?

Would that person run charitable fundraisers to give thousands of dollars to important causes?

Would that person lead “field trip” workouts to cool locations like the beach?


Start doing all that stuff now and BECOME that local celebrity. Don’t spend another day waiting for it, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I promise you, the rewards for putting in that extra degree of effort will blow you away. You will have more financial success and personal fulfilment than you ever imagined if you take the leap and stand out NOW instead of “someday.”

Committed to your success,


P.S. As you might have noticed, a big part of standing out means raising your personal standards for achievement. One of the fastest ways to do that and make it stick is to join a community of driven fitness entrepreneurs who are also committed to leveling up. Consider joining 7 Figure Mastermind today!