Starting a Fitness Business That Sets You Apart From the Rest

There has never been a better time for starting a fitness business. Despite what you hear about the economy and people’s spending habits, I’ve never seen a time when people were more motivated to change their health and their bodies for good. Despite the fact that money is tight for a lot of people, they’re either dealing with health issues or worried about dealing with health issues related to poor diet and lack of exercise. These people are ready for change and willing to pay for it.

But that doesn’t mean that starting a fitness business will be equally successful no matter what kind of business you open. There are some real disadvantages to some of the other types of business that make starting a fitness boot camp a much better bet. But even if you’ve done your research and already decided on a fitness boot camp, you still need to stand out from the rest if you want to meet and even exceed your financial goals.

Why a Fitness Boot Camp is Your Best BetScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.37.45 AM

There are so many reasons why a fitness boot camp is the best choice for your fitness business. From a business owner’s standpoint, they’re cheaper to run than a gym and typically more profitable. They have lower overhead and they cost less to set up. They’re also a very trendy way to work out, which makes them easier to sell.

From a trainer’s standpoint, you can train more people in a fitness boot camp setting than you ever could as a one-on-one personal trainer. That means you make more money in less time and you can do it with a minimal number of additional trainers as you grow. You help more people, make less money and spend less money.

Another important factor is that people are more educated about fitness these days. Not only have they already tried (and failed) at the gym, Zumba or Crossfit, but they know more about why those things failed. There are hundreds of fitness shows, magazines and websites out there that have taught people they need more intensity, more variation and more of a combination of resistance and cardio than they’re getting in a gym or aerobics class.

This means, again, that the fitness boot camp is an easier sell.

Setting Yourself Apart from the Rest

Even if you’ve already decided that the fitness boot camp business model is for you, you still need to differentiate yourself from the other boot camps in your immediate area. You have to offer things that none of the other boot camps can deliver. That’s where Fit Body Boot Camp excels.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.58.21 PMFBBC is already considered the best. FBBC is the most well-known name in the industry. It is a brand that means something, rather than just a name that sounds good. Think about it, do most people go to Best Buy for their computers or to A-1 Computers? Half the task of starting a fitness business is establishing a reputation.

Eliminate the need and you are months and even years ahead already.

FBBC is the best at one thing and one thing only. The last thing you want to be is a generalist. Other boot camps in your area are offering everything from Pilates to Crossfit and specializing in nothing. That means they can’t set themselves apart as absolute experts in any one thing. Or they’re stuck in the “military drill-style” mode and really giving their clients nothing more than trainer-led calisthenics.

At FBBC, we may vary the workouts, the moves, the tempo and the intensity, but we do one kind of workout and that is a fat-blasting, afterburn inducing, muscle-building, butt-kicking workout that combines high intensity interval training and functional resistance moves to deliver incredible results incredibly fast. We’re known for it. We get thanked on Facebook for it. We have press release after press release about the great results our clients get. Incredible fat-burning workouts are all we do and we do it better than anyone else. That sets us apart and it always will.

In other words, your reputation has already been made, even before you open your doors.

You Run the Systems Instead of Learning the Ropes

Starting a fitness business comes with a learning curve, no doubt about it. But if you have to learn every single thing from the ground up and then run every aspect of your business, when are you going to find time to actually market and sell your services?

One of the best things about FBBC is that the systems have already been created for you. We have a system for everything from lead generation to marketing to invoicing. These systems have been tweaked and honed by the best. Basically, they’re plug-and-play. That means you can focus on getting and taking care of clients, which is what makes you money. Once you’re making plenty of money and have plenty of clients, it means that you can easily turn these systems over to employees so that you can focus on living the life you want.

Committed to Your Success,