You’re screwing it up…just stop it!

A lot of people have the E-brake on. You might be one of them. Stop

Here’s what that means.

When things don’t work out in our businesses – or at work – we often blame other people, outside factors and other circumstances.

You blame your co-workers.

You blame the people you hired.

You blame the marketing or sales.

You might even blame the potential customer.

“The market just doesn’t understand what I have.”

You think you need…

· Better closing skills

· A slicker sales funnel

· A more compelling offer

· Or the latest sneaky marketing trick being hawked by the so-called “gurus” out there. 

After you finish playing the blame game, you simply give up and give in.

But here’s the cold, hard truth about what’s really going on.

You’re throwing the fight.

You aren’t giving your best.

You’re making excuses and taking the easy way out.

I can tell.
You see, thousands of clients have gone through my various coaching programs.

Put me in a room of 100 lions and within ten minutes I can tell you which of lions don’t hunt.

I know when a person has real marketing problems…

…and when a person has self-sabotage issues and lacks belief in their ability and product.

In fact, and he won’t mind me saying this, our good friend, Craig Ballantyne, is one of those people.

That’s right, Craig himself still has self-sabotage issues.

And you do, too. I guarantee it.

You know that you can be further ahead in your business, in your personal growth, and in the impact that you know you can make on this world.

But you’re getting in your own way.

I call this self-sabotage issue, “the E-brake problem.”

But it’s not your fault.

Let me explain.

FerrariLet’s say that I give you and Craig a brand new Ferrari, but if the Emergency brake (the E-brake) is slightly pulled up, then it won’t go faster than a Honda Civic.

Even though it’s a Ferrari, it’ll perform like a jalopy.

That’s because the car has been neutered.

Likewise, most people have subconsciously neutered their potential, drive, and success…what’s worse is that they don’t even know it because they blame EVERY other outside factor for their shortcomings.

They are holding themselves back.

They’ve got the E-brake on and they wonder why they can’t seem to get the speed and performance they’re capable of even though they’re in a “sports car”.

You might have a great idea and a hungry market that needs your help, but if you’ve got the e-brake on, you’ll never get where you want to be.

But the only way for you to succeed and play up a level is to drop the damn E-brake!

You have value to add to the world.

You have lives to change.

You have the ability to make a massive impact on the lives of millions…

Just like Craig.

That’s one of the reasons he recently re-hired me as his coach – even though we’re business partners.

Craig was wise enough to know that he needed help.

He needed a mentor to guide him and to stop himself from holding back.

Now we meet together, one on one at my HQ and on coaching calls and work on the two or three factors that are going to move the needle the most in his business and life.

Small changes, MASSIVE RESULTS.

You need help dropping your e-brake, too.

It might be that you’re afraid of criticism, afraid of what other people might say, afraid of what your family might think or how they’ll judge you, afraid of failure and even afraid of success.

Instead of going all out and being the high performing human you’re meant to be you hold back because you’re being selfish and protecting yourself from what others think…

…more accurately from that YOU think others will think of you.

So how do you drop the E-brake and accelerate down the road to success, income and impact?

The answer comes from one place: your belief system. Those beliefs need to change if you want to change your trajectory.

For example, you might have a negative money-mindset that your parents put in your head.

Perhaps they told you that money’s bad, money’s for the rich, that other people have success and we don’t, that we’re the working class and will never be anything else, or that the rich have knowledge or opportunities that you don’t.

That negative belief system can be crippling.

It’s one that has held back Craig for a long time. Heavy chain

He’s now overcoming it, but let me tell you, the anti-abundance chains can be a heavy, heavy weight.

The negative self talk in your head and heart has been there for so long and it’s got to change and that’s what I’m fiercely focused on helping Craig and my other Domination Day clients with.

Our childhood experiences shape us, and they shackle us.

You might know the feeling.

There are other pains from the past that can keep us in a mental prison.

You might have been on the receiving end of a cruel comment from a schoolteacher.

Or you might have been abused, like I was as a little boy.

Bad things happened to me when I was just a 4-year old kid in Armenia, before our family immigrated to America.

Because of this trauma, I found a million reasons in my life to fail at things, sabotage my success, and limit the impact I was making.

I failed at things on purpose.

Procrastination was one of my bad habits ten years ago before I released the brake.

I’d have a good idea and set it aside for “the future”, and then never get around to it.

I went broke in my first business, an online supplement company, because I didn’t feel deserving of success.

I would go through the motions of what a successful entrepreneur would do… but then I always found a way to fail, falter and sabotage myself.

The truth of the matter is I had the knowledge to help people and yet I was too afraid to share it.

You can call it emotional constipation, e-brake, or lack of faith in myself and what I had to offer.
I pulled my punches.

I threw that fight.

It took years for me to get over it.

But eventually, when I started to work on my personal development, changing my belief systems, cut out the negative people and in my life and reprogrammed my thought patterns I was finally able to break free!

I gave myself permission to succeed.

The time had come to stop holding back, to go out and add massive value to the world, to be an evangelical believer in the message I am here to share.

And that’s how I dropped the F’ing E-brake!

Join me.

When you drop the E-brake, ideas flow to you and all of a sudden you magically have the courage to take action and do the work until you’ve accomplished the outcome.

When you drop the E-brake you automatically overcome the bad habit of procrastination and pulling punches once and for all.

Listen, you have an obligation to get your solution, service or product in the hands of as many people as you can so that you can make a change in their lives.

That is how you will free yourself – by first believing in yourself, and then giving of yourself to the world without fear or criticism, self-doubt or sabotage.

It’s the message that I’ve told Craig over and over again, and I can see him believing in it now more than ever and it shows in his business and the greater impact he’s making worldwide.

And let me tell you, he’s a great student.

Everything I instruct him to do, he does without procrastination and even if it’s uncomfortable for him.

He takes action.

He works on the skills he needs to improve.

He practices his presentations more than ever.

He asks for feedback and course corrects instantly.

More important, he is man enough to accept the constructive criticism and then goes back to work on his weaknesses.

And you can too.

Join Craig.

Join me.

Release the brakes.

It all starts with the belief you have a unique gift and purpose to share with the world.

And then you need to take massive action.

You don’t need more education.

Rolling up SleevesYou just need to take what you know and do it till it’s done!

You just need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Add your value. Sell your message.

Do the work. Fall down.

Get up. Do it again.

Each time you do the E-brake will drop lower and lower…

…And you’ll go faster and faster.

Trust me.

This approach to life is working for Craig, it worked for me, and it’s worked for many of the multi-million dollar producing private clients that I’ve worked with…

…and it will work for you, too.

 If this message resonates with you and you know it in your gut then you might be a good fit for my Domination Day Mentorship program.

Go here >> learn all about it, and if it’s right for you apply to work with me.

Committed to your success,